This Producer Paid A Writer Rs 6.5 Crore To Silence His Plagiarism Charges

Recently, a leading producer found himself caught in the revolving door of borrowed scripts - and had to pay a big price

It is a story as old as Bollywood. Producer announces big-ticket film, little known writer claims that his story has been stolen by the bigwig.

A repeat of the same happened recently and claimed a few headlines too. The writer screamed foul and went to the media with claims that the film featuring a handsome star was actually based on his script.

Now, the producer was pretty sure that the film will be a blockbuster. And he was scared by the first wave of bad publicity that hit his magnum opus.

He did not want his precious project to be tainted by negative press and he also wanted to avoid a court battle at all costs.

So,  he called up the writer and quietly wrote him a cheque.

The price of the writer’s silence, readers brace yourselves for this, was a whopping Rs 6.5 crore.

Interestingly, the writer would not have got paid this much if he was the official, credited scriptwriter of the film.

Obviously he had to forego any credits for the story and the script but he is not complaining.
Infact, the writer can spend many years in luxury and leisure now.

As for the producer, his film underperformed. Talk about a lose-lose situation!