We had told you about this young singer who did not pay her makeup man for months and had left the poor man hanging.

Now, we bring you the second chapter of that story.

The make-up man had continued to work for the singer because of her closeness to an A-list actor and recently travelled to London with her for a series of concerts.

He was already annoyed with her for making him beg for his own hard-earned cash and things came to a head soon.

Before her first show, the singer’s mother entered the green room and started instructing the make-up artist on how her daughter should appear on stage. She even told him that he was using the wrong blush on her and chose a different one.

The make-up man sensed his anger bubbling up and he simply put away the brushes and left the green room. The mother obviously followed him and what followed was completely unexpected.

The make-up man vented out, screaming at the singer’s mother and told her to mind her own business. He told her that her behaviour was worse than those who lived in slums. The singer’s mother was shocked and she tried to calm him down. But the make-up man was so angry that he not only left the venue but also booked his return ticket back to India.

The singer contacted him again and apologised for her mother’s behaviour but the make-up man was in no mood to listen and did not budge.

Looks like this make-up man will never work with this singer again.

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