This TV Star Has Soaked Himself In Alcohol To Deal With Stress

Yet another name has been added to the list of TV stars who resort to alcohol to get ‘rid’ of their woes. This actor has found an escape in spirits and takes to them every night

Things have not been hunky dory for this actor for a while now. His mood swings and unprofessionalism cost him a plum role recently. Yet, unable to mend his ways, he is drowning himself in alcohol.

We hear, he takes to spirits every night. In fact, the actor often confides in his friends about how losing a role in a popular show has taken a toll on his mental health.

Goes without saying, with so much talk regarding his behaviour doing the rounds, he is no longer on makers’ wish list, making it even worse for him. He refrains from stepping out and confines himself to the four walls of his house.

As things stand today, this artist is desperately looking for work. So much so, he is frantically calling producers and asking them if he could fit in somewhere.

Several actors in the past have found an easy escape in alcohol, but it is well-known that it never is the solution.

This actor should instead turn a new leaf and begin by apologising to all those he has hurt.

Disclaimer: Does Not Endorse Drinking Alcohol