This TV Star Is Secretly Dating A Bollywood Actress Two Decades Older Than Him

He is a TV star; she is a Bollywood actress who shone on the big screen in the 70s and they are having a secret affair

This is as unusual as it gets. This is an affair which surprised even this jaded reporter who has seen it all. The man in question is a TV star who was in a long relationship with a well-known leading lady of the small screen.

They split up and she has since found love again. And so has he, but he is keeping his affair a secret.

Reason-his love interest is a famous Bollywood actress who is more than twenty years older than him. She has worked with the biggest stars in the industry and was part of a superhit film a few years ago too. She has grown up children who are close to the actor’s age but they are defying all norms for the sake of love.

He is a regular at her home and their closeness has got her neighbours talking too.

They are trying to keep their affair a secret but we have brought the scoop to you!