He is an actor who has been tagged as a rising star. But, the list of his critics is getting longer by the day.

It is said that every good person has a dark side; so does he and the actor has been in news lately for his temper, which rises quickly. The young actor has been snapping at everyone and that too in public, from journalists at press conferences to his co-stars during promotional events.

Though his co-stars seem to have his back, the media certainly does not and has already put him under the list of ‘spoilt actors’. God knows if it’s the pressure of stardom or his much talked about personal life, which has got the man boiling up.

The good part is that the actor is ready to mend his ways and has accepted that he does have anger issues.

He wants to control his constant mood swings and has taken a step towards improvement by signing up for anger management classes.

A little birdie told us, “He is actually quite hurt by the negative things being said about him and this actually made him think about what was going wrong. He is affected by the comments so he has decided to take anger management classes.”

Well, we’d like to tell the lad that it’s never too late for self-improvement!
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