This is the craziest of its kind. A few days ago, an A-star along with a voluptuous TV actress, tiptoed into the former’s love nest. The star, who has been philandering recently, wanted to spend some quality time with the actress away from junta’s prying eyes.

As soon as they entered the apartment, they settled down for a drink, thinking that it’s going to a memorable night. However, little did they know that things are about to take a turn for the worse.

An hour into their drinking session, the actress began playing loud music, and before the actor could blink, she was swaying to the beats. Mind you, quite wildly.

The star tried to calm her down but the drinks had taken over. At that point of time, she was only concerned about the songs playing.

Fearing neighbours’ invasion and the dent it might cause to his image, the star called up the TV gal’s friend and asked her to take her away. While the lady in question waited for the friend to arrive, this star fled the building ASAP.

These between-the-sheets stories of Bollywood, I tell you.

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