Two Business Partners Get Into An ABUSIVE Fight Over Money

This notorious director called his business partner with a certain demand which made the latter fall off his chair. Read on...

Here’s a tale which is the perfect example of why they say that money should stay away from relationships of any kind. This director, whose marital life made headlines recently, draws a certain salary from the production house he is associated with.

However, lately, his career suffered a huge blow and A-list actors are no longer signing his films. Now, it so happened that he called his business partner last week to ask for a raise in salary.

But, before we go further, let us tell you that this was no minimal raise. He wanted a whopping hike of 150%. Yes, believe it. From Rs 10 lakh/month, he wanted Rs 25 lakh/month.

Needless to say, this lead to an argument between the two parties and choicest of expletives were exchanged. Such was the intensity that the partner being spoken to hung up.

The company in question has been in the red for the longest time and it was obvious that this gentleman’s demands were not met.