The stories of flings and affairs are quite common in our tinsel town.

Our stars have aced in hiding such liaisons from their better halves. But today we bring you a story of this singer-cum-composer who failed to keep his three-month-old fling under the wraps and got caught by his wife.

He is not young in age, but definitely young at heart. He was once on the peak of his career and very famous for his chartbusters.

His wife was well-versed with his affairs and she always thought that they will die down. There were times that he was confronted by her about the same. But men will be men!

Over to his latest chakkar which got busted. Under the pretext of late-night recordings, he would have a good time with an upcoming singer who is yet to break into Bollywood. The composer had promised her a song if she fulfils his ‘needs'.

Yeah, so a few days ago, he returned home late after a long day at work. He made his way to his bedroom, while his wife had already retired to sleep.

Almost immediately, he started messaging the aspirant.

The constant buzzing of the phone snapped his wife from sleep and she snatched the phone from his hand only to see a long list of hot messages exchanged between the two.

Phir kya tha. A big drama followed, the wife picked up the broom (not literally) and gave him an earful. She even warned him that if the fling continues, she will leave him forever. Guess she has had enough.

Last heard, the musician is not picking up the aspirant's calls. Time she stopped calling  him. Or better still, came out to expose him! 

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