Wild Attraction On-The-Sets, Friend's Flat Becomes Hero & Heroine's Love-Nest

We have it from sources associated with their collaboration that this lead pair of an upcoming film ended up being more than just good friends while shooting overseas

This jolly good actor has just returned from an outdoor shoot but not before he and his leading lady had a gala time. Sparks flew on the sets when they were away from the prying eyes, abroad. They were inseparable in their spare time and a little bird tells us that their top-notch common friend's flat became their place of stay! So yeah, they were not staying in the hotel which the producer had provided. Guess the producer is quite happy about this as he saved the 5-star bomb packet he would have otherwise shelled out. Back home now, we are not sure if the passion is over. As for the influential friend, the age-old saying 'A friend in need is a friend indeed' wouldn't have been more apt than here.