Bell Bottom Review: As Promised, Akshay Kumar And Lara Dutta Deliver A Blockbuster With Astounding Performances And Gripping Storyline

Here is our review of Akshay Kumar, Vaani Kapoor, and Lara Dutta starrer Bell Bottom. The film is slated to release in 3D in theaters on 19 August.

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Bell Bottom Review: As Promised, Akshay Kumar And Lara Dutta Deliver A Blockbuster With Astounding Performances And Gripping Storyline

'Bell Bottom,' which has been making headlines for a long time, will finally open the doors of cinemas halls for all of us. Yes, the film will release in theatres despite the fact that Maharashtra's market is closed and the rest of the territories are running at 50% occupancy with no night shows. But with what I witnessed today, the film is an absolute crowd puller and would have done wonders if the theaters in Maharashtra had opened up too.

 Bell Bottom is an action spy thriller inspired by the true events of the 1984 Indian Airlines Airbus A300 hijacking. The true event that inspired the movie took place on 24th August 1984. The film is directed by Ranjit Tewari and produced by Vashu Bhagnani, Jackky Bhagnani, and Deepshikha Deshmukh of Pooja Entertainment along with Nikkhil Advani of Emmay Entertainment.

 Akshay Kumar not only brings back the big-screen entertainment to us but also comes with an absolutely brilliant and outstanding spy thriller. I am thrilled, glued, and overwhelmed after watching the film which according to me can be called a super hit blockbuster. Apart from Akshay, Huma Qureshi, Vaani Kapoor, and Lara Dutta are seen in pivotal roles in the film.

 After an Indian airliner is hijacked and lands in Amritsar, the lives of 210 people are jeopardized. Following suit, the Late. Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, played by (Lara Dutta) convenes a conference with her team of ministers. While the high-ranking ministers advise bargaining with Pakistan, Adil Hussain's who is part of a RAW team recommends PM Indira Gandhi (Dutta) to meet with Bell Bottom aka Akshay Kumar who for his wife and family is Anshul Malhotra. There is a back story as to why Anshul who teaches French turns into a RAW agent. Bell Bottom who has been studying the pattern of the last seven Hijacks proposes a covert operation to rescue 210 hostages. Well does he succeed in doing so is what the film unfolds.

 Talking about performances. The first thing that blew my mind off was the portrayal of Late. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by actress Lara Dutta, Oh! she executed the character so brilliantly, that you fail to find any fault in it. Crisp and sharp is what I would call her performance. The actress slams everyone behind with her role of Indira Gandhi. Now, coming to Akshay Kumar, this Khiladi is unstoppable. The sleek style of the actor and his outstanding performance will make you believe even more in his abilities as a performer. He not only delivered the film when we most wanted to see it, but he also made us fall more in love with his acts. His magnetism is unmistakable and superb throughout the film.  The icing on the cake was Dolly Ahluwalia who played Akshay's mother Raavie Malhotra, even in her less screen time, the actress brightens up the screen with her antics. The relation between her and Akshay is something beautiful and sweet. Actors Vaani Kapoor, Huma Qureshi, and Adil Hussain bring an unexpected twist to this cleverly crafted spy thriller. While Huma's character could have been explored more, however in the given time, she does her part well. A special mention to actor Zain Khan Durrani aka Doody the ISI Hijacker who plays his part with utmost earnestly.

 The captain of the ship director Ranjit Tewari's needs a thunderous applaud for crafting and executing such a spectacular thriller. The film is so very well directed and edited that it keeps you glued to your seat. It is gripping and at the same time thrilling. What was interesting is that the director didn't divert himself from the actual storytelling, keeping it brief and to the point is why this film inches towards becoming a blockbuster. Coming to the music of the film, I think we have got the chartbusters hit in just one film. The background score is amazingly placed in the film and suits best in the storytelling. Speaking of dialogues, there are some lines that will surely crack you up.  Overall with the combined effort of the director, actors, cinematographer, musician, and others make Bell Bottom a super se bhi upar wala film.

 The unexpected twists and turns, amazing screenplay, dhamakedar background music is what makes this Akshay Kumar, Lara Dutta, Vaani Kapoor starrer is a must-watch film of this year.

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