Khandaani Shafakhana, Movie Review: Nahin Khana, This Sonakshi Sinha Film Is A Big Turn Off!

This Sonakshi Sinha film, Khandaani Shafakhana, is whatever! Strictly avoidable, unless you are on your call of duty like I was this evening. God knows what was happening. God knows who chose the director. God knows why money was flushed down the drain in today's economic crisis. God knows who percolated the idea. God, please give us these answers

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Khandaani Shafakhana, Movie Review: Nahin Khana, This Sonakshi Sinha Film Is A Big Turn Off!

Aaj Ka Bollywood: Every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to be an actor/producer/director/singer. Ghus jao, after all the world is a stage. Khandaani Shafakhana is a classic case in point of someone (Shilpi Dasgupta) who wanted to experiment whether she can make a film. Natija: Tumse Nahin Ho Paya. What a waste of time, money and resources.

Sex clinic! Perhaps Shilpi thought that the people of this nation are sex-starved and laden with sex problems and will come running to the theatres to shed their inhibitions and get solutions. Might not happen, they will be busy increasing this country's population and they well know how to do it! Sounds crass?

But why accuse me of sounding crass? Wonder if Prasoon Joshi and his trusted lieutenant Tushar Karmarkar whose name in the censor certificate for some inexplicable reason appears in dark font, had gone for a hearty meal together when the film was being screened? The film opens with a U/A certificate! So, Prasoon & Co is saying loud and clear that you can take your 7-year old to this film and so what if he turns around and asks you 'What is a sex clinic?', 'What are those medicines that Sonakshi is making?' Didn't know that sex education began at 7!


So, I must say now that it's high time that Shotgun's daughter selects films with a magnifying glass. She came like a whiff of fresh air in Dabangg, was wonderful in Lootera, and then it all fell apart. Seems, films are envisaged to her wrongly and she falls for them. What's the bait? Money? Certainly not. To be seen on screen? But in movies like these? Cringing, definitely not at the subject but the tacky manner in which Khandaani Shafakhana has been handled. It pains to see Sonakshi trying to pull a cart without wheels with so much enthusiasm. 


And the rest of the cast? Nothing much to talk about. No, not even Badshah impresses. Watch him in the scene when he talks to Sonakshi and you might experience the longest yawn of your life. Varun Sharma tires you even more, when it stares at you yet again for the second consecutive week (after Arjun Patiala) that he's got stuck to Dilwale with the strongest adhesive on this living planet. 

Film's music? Is there any?

Advice from head and heart: Shilpi needs to go on a break for about 5 years before attempting to make her next one.

I am going with a very generous One-and-Half. Period.

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