UT69 Film REVIEW: Raj Kundra’s Satirical Snooze Fest Is Saved By Its Supporting Cast-READ BELOW

Directed by Shahnawaz Ali, UT69 features Raj Kundra, Kumar Saurabh, Gaurav Mishra, Anand Alkunte, and Mahesh Ghag, among others

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UT69 Film REVIEW: Raj Kundra’s Satirical Snooze Fest Is Saved By Its Supporting Cast-READ BELOW
The pornography case hit the Kundra clan pretty hard, so much so that the Bollywood producer and now a budding actor - Raj Kundra, had to make a film about it. UT69 serves as a debut film for Raj in which he plays his own role, well, how easy could it be? But, guess what; he barely made an impact with his performance in this snooze fest. 

Directed by Shahnawaz Ali, UT69 is touted to be a witty, dark-humoured film that chronicles the challenges, trials, and unexpected friendships Raj experienced during his jail time; but it hardly appears to be funny. Much of it is sheer gross and irksome. 

The film certainly portrays an interesting set of characters, and the hardly significant events in this film make you question the percentage of fiction added in this film. Much of UT69 feels like a party and a privileged individual complaining about the Indian facilities.

(Raj Kundra, we get it! Serving jail time is bad, why complain about it?)

Set on the basic stereotypes around the Indian jails, the film seemingly holds back from portraying the real struggles one could face. From the ‘accused’ repeatedly scratching their groins, to Raj Kundra trying to fit in the group of misfits, the film feels more like a party than an actual jail time.

The film certainly knocks you with subtle jabs of humour, but the filmmakers could have done a better job than what has been depicted in the film. 

UT69 which takes a satirical look into the real-life incidents runs on a linear plotline, and while the conclusion of the film is already predetermined by the audience, the film lacks a substantial climax. 

The first half of the film was all about Raj trying to settle in and the later half was all about the Bollywood producer waiting for his bail. The certified snooze fest made it unbearable, thanks to Raj. 

However, Raj’s fellow band of misfits looked great with their real-life struggles. The supporting cast looked fabulous with their impeccable performance and they certainly made the film worthwhile. 

UT69 seemingly tries to whitewash Raj’s image which was tarnished in the wake of the pornography case. Nevertheless, it would have been interesting to see Raj address his accusations, and the social media drama that conspired during Raj’s jail time and the aftermath it did on his life. 

It’s no secret Shilpa was supportive of Raj, but looks like even she decided to remain in the background. (You’ll know what I mean if you decide to watch this film!)

In conclusion, the film can be passed off as a mere one-time watch. By the second half, even you will start praying for Raj Kundra’s bail. The film could have been much more than the producer’s revisit to his jail time, alas, that’s all we get from Raj Kundra. Above all, it's worth noting that the film is not for the faint-hearted! Make sure you only watch this film if you have an appetite for watching the grown men scratch their groin, fart noises, toilets and more. 

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