Angelina Jolie Condemn Israel’s Air Strikes in Gaza, Call It A ‘Deliberate Bombing of Population, Murder’

Angelina Jolie slams Israel's air strikes on Gaza and condemns this murderous act, She says families are killed and the world is silent

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Angelina Jolie Condemn Israel’s Air Strikes in Gaza, Call It A ‘Deliberate Bombing of Population, Murder’
Actress Angelina Jolie has strongly criticized Israel's aerial offensive in Gaza, denouncing it as "the deliberate bombing of a trapped population" and equating it to murder. In an Instagram post, Jolie shared a photo of a recent Israeli airstrike in the northern part of Gaza. She expressed her concern, stating, "Gaza has been an open-air prison for nearly two decades and is quickly turning into a mass grave. 40% of the casualties are innocent children, and entire families are being tragically affected." ALSO READ | Bella Hadid’s Phone Number Leaked? Claims Received 'Hundreds Of Death Threats' Amid The Rising Tensions Between Israel-Palestine

Jolie went on to point out that "by failing to call for a humanitarian ceasefire and preventing the UN Security Council from enforcing one on both sides, world leaders bear responsibility for these grave atrocities." Washington and other global leaders have expressed concerns that implementing a ceasefire while Israel is in the process of dismantling the infrastructure of the Hamas organization in the Gaza Strip would be seen as a victory for the terrorists, especially following their destructive actions in Israeli communities on October 7. ALSO READ | Kylie Jenner 'Loses 1 Million Instagram Followers' As She Faces Backlash Over Post Supporting Israel-DETAILS INSIDE

The situation in Gaza escalated following the October 7 attack by Hamas, during which approximately 2,500 individuals breached the border from the Gaza Strip into Israel, resulting in casualties and the taking of hostages.Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has recently emphasized that his country will not entertain the idea of a ceasefire, drawing comparisons to the United States' stance after the Pearl Harbor bombing.

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