Black Widow: Scarlett Johansson Tries To Pull Off A Mark Ruffalo; Live Streams A Spoiler But Very Cautiously – VIDEO

After Mark Ruffalo’s Thor goof-up, Scarlett Johansson tries to spoil her film Black Widow for fans, but she played it damn safe. Check out the video below

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Black Widow: Scarlett Johansson Tries To Pull Off A Mark Ruffalo; Live Streams A Spoiler But Very Cautiously – VIDEO
Remember two years ago when Mark Ruffalo ‘accidentally’ live-streamed 15 whopping minutes, actually the opening scene of Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok. It was in the year 2017 that Mark forgot to conclude a Facebook Live session he did with fans, just before arriving at the premiere. The session was seen by more than 2,500 of his followers and it also landed him in hot waters with his co-stars and the MCU. Well, all of that is a thing of the past now, but guess who tried to pull off a Mark Ruffalo recently? Umm, it’s none other than Black Widow, Scarlet Johansson.

The video sees Scarlett on sets of Black Widow, where something crucial is being shot with a massive green screen, C-Stands, lights and gaff tape in the background. The actress, who is taking the video away from her crew, because it’s a clearly not allowed, shoots from the front camera and teases fans by building up the excitement. She then, for less than a second, switches to the back camera and gives us a very tiny glimpse of what’s really happening. Unfortunately, Mark Ruffalo failed to be so cautious because he did that unintentionally, apparently.

Scarlet, in the video, says, “What's up, guys? It's Scarlett, and I want you to come with me to the premiere of Black Widow. Um, so this is real. I am actually on the set right now, and I am gonna give you a sneak peek of some of the incredible stuff that you will see in the movie. I am definitely not supposed to have my phone out but whatever. Um, whatever. Let me just switch it to the other side. Okay, let's go. Boom. Check it out. That's pretty cool, right? I know! It's a lot to take in. The producers have thing on lockdown but Scarlett Johansson don't give a f***.” Someone clearly played very safe, huh!

Check out the video below:

And while we are at it, also, have a look at the famous Mark Ruffalo goof-up:

Meanwhile, Black Widow is scheduled to hit the big screens in India on April 30, 2020. (ALSO READ - From Black Widow, Doctor Strange 2 To Thor: Love And Thunder- Check Out Confirmed Release Dates Of MCU Phase 4 Movies)

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