Brad Pitt Wears A Name Tag At Oscars’ Luncheon; Netizens Ask, ‘Who Doesn’t Know Him?’

LOL! Brad Pitt wearing a name tag at Oscars Nominees Luncheon has got the internet wondering if he really needed it, because isn’t he already goddamn famous?

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Brad Pitt Wears A Name Tag At Oscars’ Luncheon; Netizens Ask, ‘Who Doesn’t Know Him?’
Brad Pitt is among one of the talented, good-looking and desirable males down West. Well, that also makes him someone extremely popular and well-known. But does Brad Pitt think that way? We guess not! At the recently-organised Oscars’ nominee luncheon, the 56-year-old actor was spotted wearing a name tag on his suit and it read, “Brad Pitt. Actor in a Supporting Role, Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood." But c’mon, call it humility or a formality, Brad Pitt didn’t really need to wear a name tag, at least that’s what the netizens think.

A streak of pictures from the event sees the actor happily wearing the name tag, as he gears up for the event. Fans, however, found it unnecessary. While many lauded the actor for his grounded behaviour, we also came across some really hilarious memes. Calling it an unnecessary name tag, a user wrote, “I’ve never seen such an unnecessary name tag in my life. We know who you are Brad Pitt!" while another joked, "I kinda love how Brad Pitt channelled an intern at their first networking event and wore a freakin NAME TAG to the #OscarsLuncheon where 100% of people would know who he was.” A Twitterati commented, “One Twitter user joked, "Brad Pitt's name tag at the Oscars luncheon deserves its own Oscar." (ALSO READ - Oscars 2020: Nominees Leonardo Di Caprio, Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt Look Yummy As They Meet For The Oscars Luncheon)

Check out the pictures of Brad Pitt wearing a name tag below:

Now, here’s what the internet has to say:

LOL’ing, aren’t you?

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt has been nominated in Oscars 2020’s Best Supporting Role category for his performance in Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood. Fingers crossed for this one!

Image source: Instagram/ sagawards