DID YOU KNOW? Johnny Depp Was Once Arrested For Destroying An Entire Hotel Room While Dating Kate Moss-DETAILS BELOW!

Kate Moss’ name also cropped up in Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation case in 2022

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DID YOU KNOW? Johnny Depp Was Once Arrested For Destroying An Entire Hotel Room While Dating Kate Moss-DETAILS BELOW!
Johnny Depp is one of the excellent performers in Hollywood! However, at times the versatile actor can go overboard on personal front resulting in nothing but controversies. Johnny Depp’s popularity took a sharp hike during his courtroom battle with his ex-wife Amber Heard. During the defamation trial, Kate Moss’ name had also cropped up and the past seemed to have come alive. However, did you know, the actor was even arrested after destroying a hotel room in the 90s when he dated Kate Moss? ALSO READ | Kate Moss To Testify In $50M Defamation Case Against Amber Heard; Here’s How Her Testimony Would Work In Johnny Depp’s Favour!

Depp and Moss’ relationship gained much traction for all the wrong reasons. However, they were certainly in love with each other and their split just did not seem to go well for the actor. Moss, in many interviews, had addressed her affair with Depp and shared that she had cried over Depp for years.

As per the reports, Champagne Supernova written by journalist Maureen Callahan suggested that the couple’s relationship was based on substance abuse - parties, booze, cigarettes, sex and copious amounts of drugs.  

However, their relationship particularly became the talk of the town when Johnny Depp and Kate Moss had destroyed a whole hotel room of The Mark. This caused a lot of disturbance, making the people suspicious of the couple. Roger Daltry, a member of the Rock band The Who had called the cops on them. Later, the cops had arrested Johnny.

While there are no proper reports as to what conspired on that day in the room, Johnny in one of the interviews had shared that it was the fault of a rogue armadillo. However, in another interview, Depp had revealed that the destruction was caused after she chased a cockroach. ALSO READ | Johnny Depp 'Never' Threw Me Down Any Stairs Says Kate Moss As She Comes To His Rescue, Rubbishes Claims Made By Amber Heard!

Well, there’s no way of knowing what exactly led to Johnny’s arrest, unless he becomes really candid and shares the intimate details of that fateful night. 

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