Jason Derulo's Jalebi Baby Video While Actually Making Hot Jalebis Is Trending On The Internet

Jason Derulo jiggles to Jalebi Baby as he prepares Jalebis from scratch.

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Jason Derulo's Jalebi Baby Video While Actually Making Hot Jalebis Is Trending On The Internet
The Bollywood-Hollywood duo Jason Derulo and Tesher teamed up to redo the global hit 'Jalebi Baby' and the song enjoyed over 100 million combined global streams on the 2020 release. The song topped the Spotify charts in over 25 countries and has amassed hundreds of millions of streams. But most importantly it has become a rage on TikTok and Reels. Singer Jason Derulo revived the fan base of the song by shooting a video of himself making jalebis while jiggling to the song. 

This has today become one of the most widely shared videos on social media, much to the delight of desis. The video, originally posted by Jason Derulo on his TikTok account where the singer pours the Jalebi batter in spirals to be fried and then dips it into a sugar syrup. 

Here's how fans reacted:

"I would have never imagined in my life that I would watch Jason Derulo make jalebi," one person wrote in a tweet, sharing the video. 

"Jason Derulo making Jalebi on Tik Tok is not something I expected to see but here we are," wrote another. 

Actor Nikita Dutta commented, "As a jalebi fan, I would have been highly bothered if @jasonderulo used that Hershey’s syrup on the jalebis he made! Though it’s the best thing on the Internet this morning."

Tesher was successful in making his ethnic dish Jalebi popular all over the world! That's what we say music has no language! He writes, "My goal has always been to bring cultures together and create music that anyone can enjoy, regardless of language or background. Seeing Jalebi Baby find listeners all over the world has been amazing, as has seeing big Billboard hits that don’t neatly fit into one genre or aren’t completely in English. It just shows that people are not only open to hearing new and unique sounds, but they also crave them."

Image source: twitter/TesherMusic/jasonderulo