Jennifer Aniston Gets Super Emotional In Sneak Peek Of The Ellen DeGeneres Show Farewell Season-Watch

Watch Jennifer Aniston get emotional over the final season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show as she also remembers the gift she brought as its first guest.

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Jennifer Aniston Gets Super Emotional In Sneak Peek Of The Ellen DeGeneres Show Farewell Season-Watch
It's the end of an era! The final season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show kicks off next week, and according to a new sneak peek, the makers have brought in its very first guest Jennifer Aniston to grace the opening episode. Ellen DeGeneres had earlier promised the last and the 19th season of her show would be a “huge celebration.” She said she intends "to salute longtime viewers, stroll down memory lane to revisit early appearances by fledgling stars and celebrate the show's achievements."

"This is going to be a ‘thank you’ to everybody, because the show doesn't happen without the support of fans. We’re going to check in with people that we've helped through the years (and) people that have paid it forward. I want people just to really remember what the show has been. It’s been a happy place and it continues to be a happy place. And I hate that it would be remembered in any other way," DeGeneres said during a production break on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show,' which returns Monday.

Rightly so, according to the new sneak peek, Jennifer Aniston barely makes it to her seat before the tissues come out.

"What the hell?" she says as she sits down. "This isn't supposed to be emotional."

The sneak peek further shows Jen's complaint with the show and its host. When Jennifer appeared on the first show in 2003, she gifted Ellen with a welcome mat that said "Welcome." Ellen had then promised she'd keep it there forever.

The mat, however, was nowhere to be found.

"I've done this show 19 times. That [the mat] has only been here one time...What department distressed it to look like this?" Jen says.

"I don't think it's the actual one," Ellen admits. "I think we made a new one. I think the other one's gone."

To this, Jennifer quips, still wiping away her tears, "Oh, well thank you for your honesty."

Jennifer Aniston had guest-hosted The Ellen DeGeneres Show in January 2020, two months before the Covid pandemic forced the show's set to be shut down. The episodes were then produced remotely.

The farewell season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show will begin airing September 13 with Jimmy Kimmel and NICU nurses from Ochsner Baptist Hospital in New Orleans to talk about Hurricane Ida.

Jennifer will feature on the next episode - September 14. The upcoming episodes will also feature interviews with Kim Kardashian and Tiffany Haddish.

The sneak peek of the show is available to watch on the official YouTube page of The Ellen Show.


Image Source: youtube/theellenshow