Megan Fox Talks About Struggling With Body Dysmorphia And Self-Acceptance; Says, ‘I Never, Ever Loved My Body’

Megan Fox recently opened up about her struggle to accept her body the way it is and wondered why she suffers from body dysmorphia

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Megan Fox Talks About Struggling With Body Dysmorphia And Self-Acceptance; Says, ‘I Never, Ever Loved My Body’
Hollywood star Megan Fox has enjoyed a huge fan base all over the world. Over the years, she has left her fans drooling over looks as she proudly flaunted her busty assets and toned figure in revealing outfits in movies, photoshoots and on social media. While one might say that she has a figure one can only dream of, the actress in the past has often opened up about suffering from body dysmorphia, a psychological condition where people spend a lot of time worrying about their physical appearances. 

She again shared her experience during her recent interview with Sports Illustrated. She delved deeper and shared anecdotes from her childhood and revealed that she has never loved her body. She also went on to express how her journey towards self-love and self-acceptance will be never ending. Quoted by Hindustan Times, she explained how she never sees herself the way others see her. She added, “There is never a point in my life where I loved my body. Never, ever.” ALSO READ: THROWBACK! Megan Fox Flashes Her Nips In A Daring Avant-Garde Outfit! Shells Modern Barbie Vibes And It Will Definitely Make Your Eyes Pop Out-WATCH

The 37-year-old actress went on to recall how she has been obsessed with the way she looks ever since she was little. Despite coming from a very religious family where bodies weren’t acknowledged, she had been aware of her body. She even questioned why that might have been, stating that she really isn't sure. She added, “It definitely wasn't environmental because I grew up in a very religious environment where bodies weren't even acknowledged. The journey of loving myself is going to be never-ending.” ALSO READ: Megan Fox DELETES Instagram! Did She Just Confirm Her Break-Up Rumours With Machine Gun Kelly?

Fox made a name for herself through her performances in Transformers and Jennifer's Body, among many others in the early-2000s. During an interaction with British GQ Style, in 2021, alongside her then-partner Machine Gun Kelly, Megan had also opened up about the thought process of someone who is suffering from body dysmorphia. Stressing on the fact that she has a lot of insecurities, she said, “We may look at somebody and think, 'That person's so beautiful. Their life must be so easy.' They most likely don't feel that way about themselves.”
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