Russell Crowe assaulted me: Azealia Banks

Russell Crowe and Azealia Banks were involved in an incident at a Beverly Hills Hotel. Allegations and counter-allegations have flown from both sides

Azealia Banks has filed a case against Russell Crowe. It all happened on Sunday night at a Beverly Hills hotel.  Banks has accused Crowe of using a racial slur against her, choking her and spitting on her. But eye-witnesses will have none of that. Multiple people are coming forward and giving their version of the story. According to them, Azealia called Russel and another attendee ‘boring old men’. Azealia went further and threatened violence when Crowe took her in what the witnesses called a bear-hug until security guards escorted her out of the venue.

This is not the first time that Azealia has been in a feud. told you when she had an unruly interaction with Zayn Malik, where she alleged that he stole choreography from her. It all became amusing when Azealia apologized for the remarks and life went on for both, but not until Azealia had her Twitter account suspended.( Azealia Banks apologises for her racist remarks about Zayn Malik, May 16 2016 )

However, Russell Crowe too is not an unknown in the world of anger management. The Gladiator star first hit the headlines when he assaulted a hotel receptionist with a telephone. He has since then acknowledge and apologised for that incident.

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