Shakira's Tongue Wiggle At Superbowl Paves Way For Some Naughty Memes; Singer Gets Called A Lizard Too

Hips Don't Lie singer Shakira put up a great performance at Superbowl Half Time Along with Jennifer Lopez. While their twerking went viral, the tongue wiggle that Shakira pulled in front of the camera also called for attention. Creative juices started flowing of netizens who came up with funny as well as naughty memes surrounding her tongue wiggle

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Shakira's Tongue Wiggle At Superbowl Paves Way For Some Naughty Memes; Singer Gets Called A Lizard Too
Shakira and Jennifer Lopez literally set the stage on fire with their splendid performance at half time show at the Super Bowl LIV. They pulled off an amazing performance which led to many fireworks. It can be easily called the Performance of The Year as Shakira and Jennifer showed off their crazy moves while dancing and singing on the stage. But the best was when the divas did some twerking and enthralled the audiences. Apart from that, what called for attention was Shakira's tongue wiggle.

While performing, Shakira looked straight into the camera and wiggled her tongue to create howling kind of noise. Reportedly, her tongue wiggle also known as ululating was nothing but Zaghrouta — an Arabic chant that's uttered to celebrate and express joy. As she is half Lebanese, it is possible that Shakira did this to show off her happiness. However, leaving aside the cultural connotation, netizens got all creative and came up with memes. Shakira's tongue wiggle led to some naughty memes while she even got called a lizard. Apart from that, people also compared her to the cartoon character Spongebob. Check out some memes below:

Netizens and their weird ways of expressing their opinion. All in fun though. Though Twitterverse

 has a different opinion on Shakira's performance, the lady is very happy with how Super Bowl turned out to be. She shared many pictures from the event on her Instagram account and even thanked Jennifer Lopez. She wrote, "Thank you @jlo for a night that shows how much Latinos have to offer." JLo too shared a video of her performance and thanked her team for all the support.

Image Source: Twitter