Taylor Swift Tried To Kick Out Justin Bieber And His Crew From Her Gym– Reports

Reportedly, Taylor Swift attempted to make Justin Bieber and his crew, exit from her gym just because she had booked the entire gym for herself, the full story inside

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Taylor Swift Tried To Kick Out Justin Bieber And His Crew From Her Gym– Reports
Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber’s past controversy due to the former’s feud with Justin’s manager Scooter Braun is known to all. However, just when fans thought that these two popular singers have moved on, here comes another piece of gossip hinting at trouble, at least from Taylor Swift’s end. As per a report in TMZ, the Love Story singer had not only booked a private trainer but the entire gym for her to work out, but she wasn’t aware that Justin Bieber was sweating it out in the same gym. The reports added that Taylor attempted to ouster the Baby singer because she wanted the whole gym for her.

An insider told TMZ that upon Taylor Swift’s entry, everyone including Justin Bieber and his crew was asked to leave the gym because Taylor had an appointment. As soon the gym members approached Bieber’s security and requested them to empty the gym, they declined and were adamant on leaving only after Justin wrapped his work out. The source added how Justin, who was mostly goofing around and dancing, wasn’t aware that it’s Taylor who asked him to clear the area. Well, as Justin left, the remaining people, too, were asked to exit.

The source concluded, “Taylor Swift did indeed have an appointment with a trainer in the gym and the appointment was to train alone. Justin Bieber just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Now, we wonder if Justin will ever come to know about this incident and how will he react to the same.

image source: instagram/taylorswift, justinbieber