Tenet: A BTS Video Of Christopher Nolan’s Film Gives A Sneak Peek Of Mumbai Scenes – VIDEO

This BTS video of Tenet reveals some unseen glimpses of Mumbai while Dimple Kapadia talks about her working experience with the director

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Tenet: A BTS Video Of Christopher Nolan’s Film Gives A Sneak Peek Of Mumbai Scenes – VIDEO
Christopher Nolan's Tenet is touted to be one of the highly-anticipated movies, however, earlier, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the release came to a halt. Recently, the film became the first movie to be released in theatres in various parts of the world. As the film is raising anticipation for all the Nolan fans, the makers of the Robert Pattinson and John David Washington starrer shared a behind-the-scenes video which looks pretty thrilling and enticing. Tenet was filmed on location across seven countries including India. They shot some scenes in Mumbai as well and in this BTS video, we get a few glimpses of the city.
The video features the cast and crew discussing the challenges that went into making the movie and the importance of filming on real locations. The video also has Dimple Kapadia's bit where she is seen sharing her own experience filming Tenet. “This man, he just stands there, I don’t know how he does it. He’s right there, his involvement is more than 100%,” Dimple Kapadia, who plays a character named Priya, said in the making video. “That’s what’s wonderful about his films. You feel transported into a different world, and that’s what cinema is to me; it has to transport you, it has to be larger than life,” she further added.
Talking about Tenet, armed with only one word and fighting for the survival of the entire world, the Protagonist goes on a mission that will unfold in something beyond real-time. It is not about 'time travel' but 'Inversion.'

Meanwhile, after Tenet was released in the theatres, Mission Impossible actor Tom Cruise stepped out in the midst of the pandemic and headed to a theatre to watch Tenet. Tom even shared a small clip which showed him travelling to his destination in his car. While sharing the video of the same, Tom captioned it as, "Big movie. Big screen. Loved it."

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