13 Reasons Why Season 1 and 2 Recap: Read This Before Watching Season 3

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why has always been at the heart of controversy. The show is back for a 3rd season tomorrow and we’ve put together a brief refresher of the previous two seasons to get you ready for Season 3

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13 Reasons Why Season 1 and 2 Recap: Read This Before Watching Season 3
At the very core of it, Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why is about a group of high school kids. At this point, if you are picturing High School Musical, you couldn’t be more wrong. The show seems to get darker with every season. 

Season 1 starts with the death of Hannah Baker, a girl who committed suicide and left behind 13 tapes explaining why. She sends these tapes to her friend Clay Jensen who is trying to uncover the mystery behind her death. Each tape primarily deals with one character and as each tape is revealed, so are their secrets. No one is seemingly innocent in this school, each nursing a secret of their own.

Hannah is betrayed by all her friends one by one, even her former best friend, Jessica. As the events get grimmer, it is finally revealed that Bryce Walker, one of the students, raped both Hannah and Jessica. This proves to be the last straw for an already distraught Hannah. Both the rape and suicide scenes are triggering and have been the ones which caused the most backlash. 

Season 2 has no more of Hannah’s tapes left and the story is told from the perspective of the other students of the school. Clay, desperate for justice, puts all the tapes up online. Meanwhile, Bryce Walker is on trial facing sexual assault charges. It is also revealed that there was a third rape – Bryce had also raped his girlfriend Chloe and Chloe was now pregnant. 

Meanwhile, Tyler, one of the students is going through a mental breakdown. Constantly bullied by his peers, he has always been under the radar, until now. After facing a heart-breaking assault, Taylor decides to shoot the school down and is stopped at the last minute by Clay. 

Season 2 ends on the shocking note of Tyler attempting shoot-out and on the other hand, Bryce’s trial comes to a sad end. Despite the mountain of evidence against him, Bryce is let go with only a few months of probation. This comes as a shock to Clay, Jessica and the others. 

As the Season 3 trailer tells us, Bryce finally faces death in the hands of presumably one of the students. Who killed Bryce? We will find out tomorrow. 

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