Amazon Prime Video Announces A 2nd Season For Jack Ryan

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, a Prime Original, is going to be back for an exciting second season. Here’s what we know

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Amazon Prime Video Announces A 2nd Season For Jack Ryan
When Amazon Prime Video released their thriller show, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan last year, we were in for an unexpected thrill ride. Based on the popular character Jack Ryan, written by popular author, Tom Clancy, the show starred John Krasinski who previously played the iconic character, Jim in The Office. The show followed the adventures of Jack, a CIA officer who was confined to his desk till he comes across Suleiman, an Islamic extremist who is said to be planning terrorist activities. Suddenly, Jack is catapulted into a maddening chase of Suleiman which places him right in the midst of action and adventure. 

Not only did John Krasinski breathe life into the character of Jack Ryan, we thoroughly enjoyed Season 1 for the breath-taking action sequences and the writing which kept us at the edge of our seats throughout the duration of the show. Recently, on July 27th, Amazon Prime Video announced that Jack Ryan would be back for a Season 2 and put out a teaser. 

Here’s the teaser for Season 2 – 

While the date of release has not been announced, we can’t wait for the second season which looks just as thrilling as the first. We see Jack in the forefront again, this time chasing a trail of illegal weaponry to the stunning landscape of South America. The mood of the setting vastly different from the first season, but the teaser suggests that the action and adventure are going to be a notch higher. The teaser gives us a glimpse of the chase sequences, shoot outs and the explosions. We also see glimpses of Jack’s girlfriend played by Abbie Cornish and James Greer, Jack’s boss, played by Wendell Pierce who we’ve seen before in The Suits. 

A good action thriller makes for the best kind of viewing and Jack Ryan is at the top of that genre. While we wait with bated breath for more details of Season 2, this is just the right time to catch up with the first season if you haven’t already. 

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