Bigg Boss OTT 3: Andy BASHES Vishal Pandey-Lovekesh For Watching Kritika Malik Workout, Says 'Unki Maa-Behen Ko Yeh Nahi Dikha?'

Former Bigg Boss contestant Andy speaks up after Vishal Pandey was slapped by his co-contestant Armaan Malik for making an inappropriate remark towards Kritika Malik

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Bigg Boss OTT 3: Andy BASHES Vishal Pandey-Lovekesh For Watching Kritika Malik Workout, Says 'Unki Maa-Behen Ko Yeh Nahi Dikha?'
Andy Kumar, popularly known as VJ Andy, recently expressed his thoughts on the controversial slap incident involving Bigg Boss OTT season 3 contestant Vishal Pandey. He also shared a video featuring Vishal Pandey and Lovekesh Kataria observing Armaan Malik's second wife, Kritika Malik, working out in the gym area. In his post, Andy commented, "Yahan saaf nazar aaraha hai ke dono #LuvKatariya aur #VishalPanday ke intention kya tha. Ab unki Ma aur Behen unke paksh mein video aur post dal rahi hain. Kya unne yeh nahin dhika? Jo bhi hai Thapar nahin maar sakte, contract ki keemat phir kya hai? #BiggBossOTT3." This translates to, "It is clearly visible here what the intentions of both #LuvKatariya and #VishalPanday were. Now his mother and sister are posting videos and posts in his support. Did they not see this? Whatever it is, a slap cannot be ignored, then what is the value of the contract? #BiggBossOTT3." 

In the video, Vishal can be seen making inappropriate comments about Kritika while she exercises, remarking to Armaan, "Bhai Bhagyashaali (Lucky Brother)." Lovekesh then responded, "Main samajh gaya (I understood everything)," to which Vishal retorted, "Chup ho jaa bhai, sharam haya hai ki nahi (Keep quiet brother, don't you have any shame)?"

The situation escalated further during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode when Payal Malik, Armaan's first wife and a former contestant, made an unexpected appearance. She confronted Vishal about his remarks regarding Kritika. This confrontation led to a heated exchange, and later, when Armaan attempted to address the issue with Vishal, he asked Lovekesh to recount the incident. Lovekesh's recounting of the event infuriated Armaan, resulting in him slapping Vishal.

Andy’s commentary highlights the complexity of the incident and the varying perspectives involved. He emphasizes that despite any provocation, physical violence, as demonstrated by the slap, cannot be justified and questions the adherence to contractual obligations within the show.

The incident has sparked significant discussion among viewers and the show's participants, drawing attention to the boundaries of acceptable behavior and the repercussions of crossing those lines. VJ Andy's input adds to the broader conversation about accountability and respect within reality television, especially in a highly publicized and scrutinized environment like Bigg Boss OTT.

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