Drop All Your Weekend Plans, Netflix Original Bard Of Blood Is Out Today

After the rage Sacred Games managed to create last month, the much-awaited Netflix original spy series, Bard of Blood is out for streaming today. Are you binging it like we are?

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Drop All Your Weekend Plans, Netflix Original Bard Of Blood Is Out Today
Bard of Blood is an exciting show for many reasons, and the racy trailer is just one of them. It marks the digital debut for Bollywood star, Emraan Hashmi who has not just earned a reputation for steamy scenes, but also made a mark with nuanced roles and performances in several films like Shanghai, Azhar and others. What takes the excitement level even higher is the fact that King Khan is producing the show. 

Stunning visuals in exotic locations form the backbone of the show, which has large shoes to fill already with Prime Video’s show, The Family Man already creating a wave last week. The show is based on an acclaimed book by Bilal Siddiqi. Plot wise, we know that Emraan Hashmi plays an intelligence agent who is joined by two other agents to undertake an undercover mission. One of these agents is the stunning Sobhita Dhulipala who we’ve seen as Tara from Made In Heaven earlier in the year. 

The mission is to rescue a group of Indian spies who are held captive in Balochistan. This mission is predictably an off the books one. With a powerhouse like Netflix backing the show, the production value is sure to be top-notch like we can see from the trailer itself. There are car chases, shoot outs and action sequences that would put any good spy thriller to shame.

To be honest, Bard of Blood is giving us Homeland feels and we hope it will be just as good as the ultimate spy show of all time. 

Bard of Blood is streaming now on Netflix. 

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