Haseen Dillruba: Taapsee Pannu On The Success Of Her First OTT Release; Says 'I Am Thankful To Audiences For The Love They Have Poured On This Film And Me'

Haseen Dillruba starring Taapsee Pannu, Vikrant Massey and Harshvardhan Rane received an amazing response from the audience. Here's what Taapsee, Vinil Matthew and Kanika Dhillon have to say about the success of the film.

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Haseen Dillruba: Taapsee Pannu On The Success Of Her First OTT Release; Says 'I Am Thankful To Audiences For The Love They Have Poured On This Film And Me'
The recently released Netflix film Haseen Dillruba has been loved and appreciated by audiences garnering accolades not only in India but also from across the world. Fans and Netflix viewers in over 22 countries are falling in love with the old-school Hindi pulp-fiction inspired murder mystery film starring fan favourites Taapsee Pannu, Vikrant Massey and Harshvardhan Rane. The film directed by Vinil Mathew, of Hasee Toh Phasee fame, and written by Kanika Dhillon, known for Guilty and Manmarziyaan, takes audiences down the Indian pop-culture history route inspired by Hindi mystery novels with its writing and setting.

Director Vinil Mathew shared his thoughts on the success of the film. He said, “I'm overwhelmed by the love that Haseen Dillruba is getting, not just in India where it has been No 1 since its release but across the globe. From the UK, Canada  to Brazil and Argentina, the film has been in the top 10  in over 22 countries which has truly surpassed all expectations. It's testimony to the fact that a well-told human story connects at a universal level crossing borders. Despite the film being culturally rooted in Indian pulp, people across countries and diverse cultures have not only connected to the emotions and relished the humour but have picked up nuances, layers and motifs in the film.”

Talking about how the film resonated with people, Taapsee Pannu said, “It's a very new feeling for me to see Haseen Dillruba reaching an audience around the world the way it has because I have never had a straight to OTT release before this, so I was excited for the debut and it has been fabulous. I think I have been very lucky with my debuts, my struggle only begins after that. Thanks to Netflix this film reached places that I never knew Hindi films could reach. The film was trending across 22 countries for over a week, as far out as South America, which is amazing. I am still trying to wrap my head around how exactly one feels when their film reaches so far and wide, getting so many messages from people in different parts of the world, in so many different languages. Many times I’ve had to translate to understand what they are saying. But success always feels so sweet. And I am thankful to audiences for the love they have poured on this film and me.”

She further added, “I believe the film resonated with so many people because it was based in a small city in the  heart of India featuring characters that were flawed and grey, which resonates with the majority of the audience. When we see an on-screen representation of something like this, a part of us relates to the character as we are so used to watching stories of only positive and pious heroes who can do no wrong. It's refreshing to see such relatable stories about flawed people, and this shift in audience choice is such a welcome sign. Now, it's about keeping the audience on the edge of their seats, entertained, hooked and involved, which is what this film does well, having characters who are unconventional yet relatable.”

Celebrating the phenomenal response to the film, Kanika Dhillon said that she is excited and grateful that the film is getting so much love. She added, "As the writer, I knew it was a high risk genre bending pulp I’d written and thanks to my fantastic director and actors, we not only managed to land the film but also make a deep connection with the audience. I am still reeling with the sheer amount of love - as Haseen Dillruba is trending at top 10 in 22 countries including India where it’s been no 1 since its release! Countries I’ve never thought of finding an audience like Brazil and Argentina are showering the film with love. Thanks to a platform like Netflix, viewers get a chance to see our differentiated stories. I am basking in the sheer force of love it’s receiving!”

Haseen Dillruba’s global success can be gauged by the fact that it has been featured in the Top 10 title list across 22 countries, including India (where it has been on No.1 since its release), Brazil, Argentina, Canada, UAE, Malaysia, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

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