Intrusion Review: Freida Pinto's Home Invasion Is Full Of Suspense But Loses The Thrill

Freida Pinto starrer Intrusion has been released on Netflix on 22nd September. The thriller story is been directed by Adam Salky and produced by Kyle Benn, Russell Hollander, Alexandra Milchan, Matthew Myers, Chris Sparling, Josh Weinstock.

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Intrusion Review: Freida Pinto's Home Invasion Is Full Of Suspense But Loses The Thrill

Meera (Freida Pinto) and Henry (Logan Marshall-Green) are married couples dealing with severe emotional problems. It takes us through the story of Meera, a promising wife who overcomes cancer, while her husband Henry strives hard for a better life and inspires Meera to make a new start following her arduous breast cancer recovery. Overcoming all of this, Harry and Meera settle into their new house in a small town, weaving their way toward a happy married life. However, the plot twists here, with Meera both horrified and ecstatic that everyone around her may not be who they appear to be.

The plot appears to be good at first, but the thriller portions of the film were not at all effective; they lacked the core of the thriller genre's intensity. Because of the character's dependability, there are many scenes in the film where the scene appears to be numb. The thrill is delivered fairly quickly in this genre, but the setting and continuity of the adrenaline drama were missing throughout.

The direction of the film was good, but some of the scenes were still incomplete. Director Adam Salky should have improvised some scenes which would have given a better taste to the genre and would have added more thrill to the film. The script had the potential to bring more originality and justice to writer Chris Sparling's work, but somehow the direction for this was a little weak. The background score of the overall film is very catchy and accurate to the scenes. The music of the film is also very gripping and with perfect timings. 

Coming to the performance part, Freida Pinto has beautifully and gracefully portrayed her character. Pinto has simply brought the emotions and individuality of Meera's life to the audience. Logan Marshall-Green as the character of a husband puts forward a stunning performance. 

Overall the film isn't that unique and exciting but it will still hold on to the storyline. One should watch it at least once to appreciate the maker's attempt and for the absolutely amazing cast.

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