Manisha Koirala's EXCLUSIVE CHAT On Her Netflix Film, Maska

Netflix film Maska has Manisha Koirala playing a Parsi lady for the first time. Here's a quick chat with her and it's a EXCLUSIVE

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Manisha Koirala's EXCLUSIVE CHAT On Her Netflix Film, Maska
After Raju Hirani's Sanju, Manisha Koirala is back to impress the audience with the Netflix film, Maska. For the first time, she has essayed the character of a Parsi woman- Diana Irani.
Here are the excerpts from our quick EXCLUSIVE CHAT on Maska with the super-talented star:

How did you guys go about getting your look for Maska?
 It was quite a journey as we did multiple look tests. Initially, it was like the softer version but then it turned crazy. I think we ended up doing 5-6 looks with different wigs and outfits. Until the last day of shooting, I was debating with the director on my lipstick shade as I wanted to do something which I hadn’t done before. All said and done, I feel we have managed to strike the right balance. 
Can you elaborate?
My character, Diana Irani, is quite tough as she has raised her son single-handedly and run this cafe. Moreover, Diana is not just a strong person but difficult too. But at the same time, she is a loving and caring mother. So that was the balance in my look which I was talking about; I had to look hard and soft both depending on the scene in question.

Which is your favourite scene from Maska and why?
There are plenty of them, but there's one scene which I can single out since you ask. It was also the most challenging one.

Which is?
That's the confrontation scene between the mother and the son. As my character has her share of flowery language, I had to train myself for that. Of course, the diction has to be perfect and thankfully, I had a very good diction coach. That scene required me to exude drama and emotion and above all, I was sitting on a wheelchair which I had to spin in between. So yeah, I took hours to practice it as I had to say the dialogues while doing it and that too in a limited space. But it has come out very well.

What's the thing that you liked the least about your character?
The thing that I liked the least about my character was the fact that I had to abuse a lot. It was really difficult for me to do that. 

Image Source:- Youtube/NetflixIndia