Money Heist 4: Before The Premiere, Brush Up On Your Memory; Here’s A QUICK RECAP Of The Previous Seasons

Ready for the heist to continue? Before you binge-watch Money Heist season 4 on Netflix, take a quick look at the RECAP of the previous seasons of La Casa De Papel.

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Money Heist 4: Before The Premiere, Brush Up On Your Memory; Here’s A QUICK RECAP Of The Previous Seasons
Amid coronavirus lockdown, Netflix has good news for all Money Heist fans. The online streaming platform is all set to stream season 4 of Money Heist this Friday. Between Season 1 to Season 3, so much has happened that we think it’s time to brush up our memories a bit. Created by Álex Pina, Money Heist started with one clear, goal. What if a crack team of criminals could print and steal 2.4 billion pounds from the Royal Mint of Spain? While Season 1 focused on team selection to training, Season 2 and 3 were all about ACTION!

Season One saw Professor select his team members and train them for the job… hence we were introduced to Tokyo, Rio, Nairobi, Denver, Moscow, Helsinki, Oslo, Berlin – Professor’s recruits! In season one; we saw a love story budding between Tokyo and Rio. Their love also puts the entire team at risk several times. Season 1 ended with the plan panning out, but with the recruits getting stuck inside the bank, awaiting a phone call, along with the hostages.

Season Two opened up with a lot of waiting and impatience. While few recruits were ready to wait for 24 hours for the call from the Professor, Tokyo decides to revolt which ends up with her teammates strapping her to a gurney and pushing her out to the police. But Tokyo can only stay away from the action. Thanks to an assist from the Professor’s connections, she breaks out of prison and heads back to the bank. But in this entire process, Moscow ends up getting shot, leaving his son Denver to continue on the team without him.

Season 2 ends with police finally breaking into the Mint, forcing the recruits to run again! But in the chaos, Berlin ends up losing his life – BTW remember, Berlin was actually the Professor’s brother all along! Season 2 ends with the team finally getting out without being arrested.

In Season 3, the dynamics have changed. Raquel - remember the investigating officer, leading the case in season 2 and her love angle with Professor – has become part of the team and all the members stay in different parts of the world. Tokyo and Rio stay on an island for the last two years. In this season, the team meets again, this time in Thailand and this meeting gives birth to another heist – the only difference the heist this time is even bigger and dangerous. The target for the heist this time is The National Bank Of Spain. The team is joined by new faces like Palermo and Marseilles. This season we also get to know what the D-Day is. Remember all throughout season 1 and 2, the team mentioned Plan Chernobyl, a drastic escape plan that was only to be enacted upon if everything else failed, the plan is - dropping tons of money on Madrid!!!

By raining tons of money down on a major city, the team plans to create mass chaos, while Spanish authorities are busy controlling the chaos, the team plans to escape. Unfortunately, the plan doesn’t work out and Nairobi ends up getting shot… At the end of part 3, the group plans on staying in the Bank for as long as it takes.

With Money Heist ready to stream soon, the internet is flooded with questions and wild theories… What is the Professor going to do? With Nairobi down, is he going to leave his principles and fight the dirty way? Is Nairobi going to survive? Will anyone die in the next season? Well, all we can do is just speculate and wait for this Friday!

Image Source: Gizmo Story, YouTube/Netflix, Instagram/lacasadepapel