Must Watch - The Bold Type: Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee & Meghann Fahy Brings Us A Show Full Of Entertainment, Brilliant Performance, & Gripping Storyline!

The Bold Type is an American comedy-drama television series created by Sarah Watson. The series chronicles the lives of three millennial women, portrayed by Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, and Meghann Fahy, all of whom are employed at a fictional global publication called Scarlet in New York City.

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Must Watch - The Bold Type: Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee & Meghann Fahy Brings Us A Show Full Of Entertainment, Brilliant Performance, & Gripping Storyline!
You know, there are days when you feel a little demotivated even when you try giving 100 Percent, well, I was going through the same thing some days ago but then one of my friends suggested I watch this show on Netflix titled 'The Bold Type'. So I'm one of those people who get a lot of inspiration and try learning a lot from cinemas, this is the reason I'm always on a hunt for good shows which can help brighten up my mood. And when I started watching The Bold Type, I couldn't resist but finish it in less than a week. The show comes with 4 seasons and 46 episodes, each episode of 40-45 minutes. You must be wondering, so many episodes to finish in a week, oh yes! that's what this show does to you, it keeps you hooked.

So here I am, suggesting you all one brilliant piece of entertainment for you to start as soon as you can because trust me, this is worth it.

The Bold Type presents us with the story of three girls who end up becoming best of friends when they start working for a magazine named Scarlett in New York. They are Kat (Aisha Dee), Sutton (Meghann Fahy), and Jane (Katie Stevens), and each of them is placed in different departments. Jane is an astonishing writer, Sutton works herself through an assistant's job to becoming a magnificent assistant for a fashion stylist while Kat is the social media head. These three young women end up teaching us that doing the job for the sake of salary is not a thing, working hard for what you love doing is the real meaning of getting the job done. The magazine has an endearing editor Jacqueline Carlyle (Melora Hardin) who is not just powerful but glamourous in every way possible. She knows what women can do and keeps motivating the inspiring talent she knows works hard to get that bread on the table.

Despite the amazing fashion you see in the show, the show has so much to offer including outstanding performances, a gripping storyline, thrilling characters, and a lot of emotions.

This incredible show is created by Sarah Watson and I can't thank her enough for bringing this masterpiece into my life.

The Bold Type is the real definition of the word Feminism. This show's spectacular work is a perfect example that makes us believe that good content can greatly impact your life. The women in this show inspire you and charm you away with their positive attitude towards their work. It also helps us get our facts clear about how we can balance our social and corporate life without agitation.

Today, when the world has become a place full of negative news due to the pandemic, this show was a breath of fresh air for me. This show gave me a whole new perspective on life. I know you must be thinking a show can't change your way of looking at things, but trust me, a good show can, it did it to me. I can't wait for the fifth season to release soon and trust me on this, I'm gonna finish it in one go, I hope I do.

Watch The Bold Type for love, passion, family, work, entertainment, laughter, and many more things that the show offers.

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