Nia Sharma’s ‘Twisted’ First Phone Call With Vikram Bhatt, Filmmaker Reveals She Didn’t Believe It’s Him- EXCLUSIVE

Nia Sharma's first phone call with the director of her web show Twisted, Vikram Bhatt wasn't exactly a pleasant one. The actress failed to believe it's him at first and here's what happened next

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Nia Sharma’s ‘Twisted’ First Phone Call With Vikram Bhatt, Filmmaker Reveals She Didn’t Believe It’s Him- EXCLUSIVE
Actors are often wary when they receive direct phone calls from big production houses or filmmakers and cross verify. TV hottie Nia Sharma also was slightly unsure when she got a direct phone call from filmmaker Vikram Bhatt. Initially, she didn’t believe it’s him and thought it would be a hoax.

Vikram Bhatt, in an exclusive chat to revealed what transpired. Said Bhatt, "When I called up Nia Sharma for Twisted she didn't believe that it's me. I called her and said, ‘Hi, I am Vikram Bhatt and want to cast you for my web series’ and she casually answered me saying ‘Yes, okay’. I thought to myself; badi badtameez si aurat hai yaar. Then she told me you are not Vikram Bhatt. So I sent her a video on WhatsApp where I said, 'Hello Nia, this is Vikram Bhatt and this is my face. Please call me back and she immediately called me and apologised.’” And that’s how Nia was cast for the web show Twisted.

Further, the filmmaker revealed why he chooses TV actresses over film actresses for his web shows, "When I started making web shows, people told me, ‘You are such a big director and you making content for YouTube. You should direct for the big screen.’ I said that the size of the screen doesn't really matter. You are just trying to tell a story. It doesn't matter where the stories are being told. So the film stars need some kind of kick to attempt the web space. For instance when a Hollywood actor does something, they follow them. When Amitbah Bachchan started doing KBC, many actors followed him and now they are hosting shows on various channels. Basically they want little bit of a push and support so that they don't feel that they are going down in their careers.”

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Speaking of Nia’s work commitments, this year, she acted in the web series Jamai 2.0 which aired on Zee 5. Currently, she has bagged a biggie in the form of Naagin 4. Ekta Kapoor officially announced that Nia is the new Naagin.

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