Payal Malik REACTS To Her Polygamous Marriage With Armaan Malik: As Per The Hindu Marriage Act, The First Wife Is Always The Legal Wife

Payal Malik who recently got evicted from Bigg Boss OTT 3 candidly spoke about her marriage with YouTuber Armaan Malik, read to know below

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Payal Malik REACTS To Her Polygamous Marriage With Armaan Malik: As Per The Hindu Marriage Act, The First Wife Is Always The Legal Wife
Payal Malik, the recently evicted contestant from Bigg Boss OTT 3, has been a prominent figure in the show, garnering attention from both viewers and fellow contestants. Her unexpected eviction has left her followers and housemates surprised. In an exclusive conversation with The Free Press Journal, Payal opens up about her journey on the show, her unique marital situation involving polygamy, and the reasons behind her decision to stay with her husband Armaan. ALSO READ: Armaan Malik Says, ‘Main Khush Hoon’ As First Wife Payal Malik Gets Evicted From Bigg Boss OTT 3; YouTuber Pacifies His Second Wife Kritika 


Payal Malik And Husband Armaan Malik

Describing her eviction as 'unfair,' Payal expresses her disappointment at leaving the game prematurely, stating that she was not ready to exit so soon. Reflecting on her time in the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house, she fondly recalls the friendships she formed and looks forward to reconnecting with her co-contestants outside the show. Despite some minor conflicts, she remains open to meeting everyone, including Shivani, with whom she had some disagreements.

Payal's participation in the show alongside her husband Armaan and his second wife, Kritika, has sparked widespread interest due to their polygamous relationship. She acknowledges the increased scrutiny and trolling they face, attributing it to their expanded visibility on platforms like Jio Cinema. Payal plans to share their story to clarify misconceptions and emphasize that their situation is unique and not a promotion of polygamy.

Addressing questions about her commitment to Armaan despite past challenges, Payal affirms her strong emotional bond with both Armaan and Kritika. She asserts that their relationship dynamics have evolved, and she now envisions spending her life with them. Responding to viral videos and statements regarding their marriage, Payal emphasizes the need for understanding before passing judgment.

Regarding accusations of mistreatment by Lovekesh Kataria, Payal plans to address the issue directly and clarify any misunderstandings. When questioned about the legal aspects of their marriage, she explains that while she may be considered the legal wife, both she and Kritika are equally important in their unique family structure. Payal also dismisses notions of societal norms dictating relationships, emphasizing the personal dynamics that define their bond.

When quizzed about the legalities of their marriage, Payal says, "Dekho legally agar dekha jaaye toh main hi hoon. But there is nothing of this sort between us, hum dono ke liye, both Kritika and I are Armaan's wives. But if you go to see it through the society's and the Hindu Marriage Act's point of view, then the first wife is always the legal wife.'"

In response to hypothetical scenarios and personal sacrifices, Payal's unwavering love for her son and Armaan underscores her commitment to their unconventional yet deeply meaningful relationship. Despite external scrutiny and challenges, Payal remains steadfast in her choice to stand by her loved ones, emphasizing the importance of understanding and acceptance in complex relationships.

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