Richa Chadha SUPPORTS Her Heeramandi Co-Star Sharmin Segal Amid Social Media Trolling, Says 'Offer Constructive Criticism, Not Hate'

Sharmin Segal is facing a lot of criticism and social media trolling over her Heeramandi role, and now co-actress Richa Chadha has come forward for her support

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Richa Chadha SUPPORTS Her Heeramandi Co-Star Sharmin Segal Amid Social Media Trolling, Says 'Offer Constructive Criticism, Not Hate'
Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s grand series, Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar, debuted on Netflix on May 1, 2024. Since its release, it has been a hot topic on social media, praised for its elaborate sets and the performances of its star-studded cast. However, the spotlight has harshly fallen on Sharmin Segal, Sanjay Leela Bhansali's niece, who has been subjected to intense scrutiny and criticism for her portrayal of ‘Alamzeb’ in the eight-episode series. ALSO READ: OMG! Richa Chadha ROASTS Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Niece Sharmin Segal Days After The Filmmaker Pushes The Actress Aside - DEETS INSIDE 

In response to the backlash against Sharmin, her co-star, Richa Chadha, who plays ‘Lajjo’ in Heeramandi, publicly defended her. Richa took to her Instagram stories to address the negativity, sharing a screenshot of an X (formerly Twitter) post. She expressed concern over the extent of the bullying, which she noted had escalated beyond constructive criticism. ALSO READ: Sharmin Segal Needs To ‘Not Live In A Bubble,’ Says Heeramandi Co-Star Adhyayan Suman; Actor Opens Up About The Former Being TROLLED 

Richa wrote: “For the past month, whenever I have been able to keep track and be vigilant enough, I have been deleting negative comments about a co-star that appear in my comments. Guys? Offer constructive criticism, but this much visceral hate? It’s one thing to reject someone’s performance, theek hai! Mat karo pasand, aapka haq hai.”

Richa emphasized that people should not take a few out-of-context interview clips, particularly from a roast video, and use them to fuel the trolling. She urged people to show kindness and recognize the impact such negativity can have on someone's mental health. Richa suggested that the public's energy could be better spent on more pressing issues, such as the recent elections and the ongoing heat wave. 

She wrote: “Par aise chatkare le ke troll to mat karo? Please? Out-of-context interview clips (that too from a legit roast, y'all are using). Why? I know it’s tempting to jump on a trend, but to make another human being clickbait? I think we can all do better than that, be better than that. Be kind. Please. It can affect someone's mental health. A big election just happened, there’s a heat wave on, there’s so much going on in the world! Please move on.” Take a look at her story below.


Richa Chadha's Instagram Story

Richa's plea for kindness resonated with many online. On Reddit, her note was shared and discussed, garnering a variety of reactions. While some users criticized Sharmin’s performance and questioned the industry's support for her, others appreciated Richa’s defence, recognizing her desire to shield her co-star from overwhelming negativity.

Sharmin herself addressed the criticism in a previous interview with News18 Showsha. She admitted that she initially avoided looking at reviews but later chose to face them, realizing she was also missing out on positive feedback. She found the constructive criticism helpful and chose to focus on that, rather than the vitriol.

The series has been celebrated for its production and cast, but the intense scrutiny faced by Sharmin Segal highlights the darker side of public reception, where criticism can sometimes cross the line into bullying. Richa Chadha’s defence of her co-star serves as a reminder of the need for empathy and kindness in the face of public discourse.

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