Selection Day, Soorma, Dangaal, Mary Kom And More: Bring The Spirit Of Olympics Home With These Inspiring Sports Films

With the Tokyo Olympics happening as we speak, the air smells of team spirit, enthusiasm, and energy. From documentaries like The Last dance to Sports Drama Money Ball and Lagaan, check out some amazing sports film streaming on Netflix.

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Selection Day, Soorma, Dangaal, Mary Kom And More: Bring The Spirit Of Olympics Home With These Inspiring Sports Films

While the pandemic might have taken a hit at the physical presence, it can’t dampen our zeal and love for our country and participants. India has won quite a few medals this season and our participants continue to make us proud as the days roll by. So if you’re someone who loves sports, watching or playing, there are a plethora of titles you can explore on Netflix to accompany the adrenaline rush! 


From inspiring titles, that’ll make you want to get off your bed and conquer the world to titles that’ll warm your heart. From awe-inspiring to dramatic to emotional, as well as informative; Netflix has all the bases covered. 



Inspired by real-life incidents, these sports documentaries reminisce and bring to light the lives of sports legends, standing champion teams, as well as interesting facts and trivia about the genre.


The Last dance

This docu-series chronicles the rise of superstar Michael Jordan and the 1990’s Chicago Bulls, with unaired footage from an unforgettable 1997-98 season. This title is bound to have you on the edge of your seat!


 The Playbook

Coaches with championship resumes share their personal rules for success in sports and life in this reflective and inspiring documentary series


 Becoming champions

This series looks at the stories behind the athletes and countries that have achieved World Cup Championship status


Ladies First

Born amid poverty and limited women’s rights in the village of Ratu, India. Deepika Kumari, rose to become the Number.1 female archer in the world at 18.


 Home Game 

A docu-series that profiles unique and dangerous traditional sports from around the world, as well as the communities and cultures where they thrive. Watch this to expand your horizons in the vast field of sports.


 Formula 1: Drive to Survive

 Drivers, managers, and team owners live life in the fast lane- both on and off the track - during each cutthroat season of Formula 1 racing.


One In A Billion

Follow the journey of Satnam Singh Bhamara as he works to fulfill his dream of becoming the first India-born player to be drafted into the NBA.




There’s something about stories around sports that just warm your heart, be it the camaraderie between the players, the adrenaline fueled matches, the dramatic climaxes or those tear jerking victorious moments. Enjoy these sports dramas to live these aforementioned emotions.



Frustrated that his baseball team can’t afford big-money players, Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane bets on a bold new strategy to change the game.


Selection Day

Two teen cricket prodigies struggle against their overbearing father and a system stacked against them to realise their own ambitions and identities. A title filled with drama, emotions and love for sports; this one is a must watch!


The Way Back

A former high school basketball star is hired to coach at his alma mater, and battles alcoholism and personal demons on his bumpy road to redemption


Racket Boys

A city kid is brought to the countryside by his father’s new coaching gig; reviving a ragtag middle school badminton team on the brink of extinction 



These sports movies from our very own Bollywood are bound to make the sports lover in you very happy. From dramas to biopics to inspiring series’ we have it all.



A biopic on the former Indian field hockey player - Sandeep Singh, follows the athlete’s hard-fought comeback after an accidental gunshot left him paralyzed. Watch this title for some much-needed motivation and inspiration this season.


Mary Kom

Watch this title to witness the journey of the legendary Mary Kom - the daughter of a poor rice farmer who overcomes the objections of her father and the demands of a male-dominated society to pursue a career in boxing.


Budhia Singh: Born to Run

In this thought-provoking biopic, an idealistic judo trainer adopts a boy from the slums and grooms him into the world’s youngest marathon runner.



A once-promising wrestler pursues the gold medal he never won by training two of his daughters to compete in at the commonwealth games. This title is bound to get you all teary-eyed as you experience a beautiful tale of women empowerment, a whirlwind of emotions and of course, sports!



In 1890s India, an arrogant British commander challenges the harshly taxed residents of Champaner to a high-stakes cricket match. A title that is jam-packed with intense drama, sports, and fervor. Lagaan might be the last watch on our list but it is far from being the least. Watch this film for some nail-biting action.



No one does action better than anime, so what better medium to enjoy some undiluted, adrenaline-fueled sports action than these sports-themed anime titles.                                                   


Kuroko’s Basketball

Five middle school basketball stars went to separate high schools, and now Tetsuya Kuroko and Seirin High are making their play for glory.


 Iwa - Kakeru! Climbing Girls.

A genius gamer with a knack for solving puzzles finds her true calling when she joins her high school’s competitive sport climbing team.


  Ahiru No Sora

Sora joins the high school basketball club, but his unmotivated teammates don’t care about the game. To get anywhere, he has to change their minds.


Watch these titles on Netflix, and awaken the sports lover in you and show your love and support for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics!



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