Vikings To Downton Abbey, 5 Periodic Shows That You Can Just Binge Transporting You Back In Time

Strap: While we are already kind of just about pulling through the present why not dwell into the past with some periodic shows on the OTT platforms. Taking us back in time and allowing us to explore the lives of the rulers with shows such as Vikings, Marco Polo, Downton Abbey, Reign and The Last Kingdom

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Vikings To Downton Abbey, 5 Periodic Shows That You Can Just Binge Transporting You Back In Time
With extension of lockdown period till May 3, boredom and frustration have seeped in to our lives. Remaining confined within four walls of our house, the only escape into the outer world is via digital platform. Binge watching several web shows and TV shows during this lockdown has become a routine for many out there. So what are you done with comedy, horror, thriller, but what about periodic? While we really want to press the fast forward button and jump into better future with zero COVID-19 fear, currently we get for you some shows, which will take you back in time ensuring momentary relief from the tragic situation

Thus, without beating around the bush anymore, below is list of shows, which will transport you back in time and allow to sip into luxuries and hardships of the ancient era, taking you away from boredom for a while. All about kings and queens. The list includes Vikings, Marco Polo, Downton Abbey, Reign and The Last Kingdom. Also to make your life easier we also attached the trailer of the shows to let you decide which to start binge watching from today onwards.

Vikings: (Netflix) (imdb: 8.6, age: 18+)
The story revolves around a farmer who rises as a warrior and also commander of Viking tribes. It all happens with the help of his family who themselves are very brave and ferocious.

Marco Polo: (Netflix)(imdb: 8.0, age: MA)
This series is inspired from Marco Polo's time in the kingdom of Kublai Khan. Marco polo, a merchant, becomes a prisoner of Kublai khan as he was on a journey across Europe and Asia. ALSO READ: 12 Years A Slave, Roma, A Beautiful Mind And More: 5 Best Oscar-Winning Films That You Can JUST BINGE On Netflix, Amazon Prime

Downton Abbey: (Amazon Prime Video)(imdb: 8.7, age: 7+)
A story set in the times when got Titanic sinked. Robert Crawley is the current ruler of his family estate, but his heirs die in Titanic accident and was then introduced to next in line heir. The new heirs are very much away from aristocratic ways.

Reign: (Amazon Prime Video)(imdb: 7.5, age: 16+)
This series is about love, ruling and alliances. The story about Mary, Queen of Scots, who has to marry France. As she becomes Queen of the France, she has to take a lot of difficult decisions and go through many hardships. ALSO READ: South Park, Bojack Horseman, Rick And Morty And Others- 5 Animated Adult Shows You Can JUST BINGE On During The Lockdown

The Last Kingdom: (Netflix) (imdb: 8.3, age: 18+)
This show is set in the 9th century AD and is about Uhtred son of Uhtred who is bought up by the Danes. The show is about claiming the ancestral birthright.

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