Binge Or Cringe: Dear White People Season 3 Review

Netflix Original, Dear White People, is back for a third season. But does it live up to the first two seasons? Let’s find out.

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Binge Or Cringe: Dear White People Season 3 Review
In a lot of ways, Dear White People, is a landmark show. The Netflix original is based on a film of the same name. On the surface, it is about a group of students in college, but it is nothing like any other high school or college drama you will see. Winchester University is a predominantly white Ivy League college. It is a melting pot of cultures and worlds. In this environment, a student called Sam uses her radio show, ‘Dear White People’ to bring to light issues of race, gender discrimination etc.

Packed into 30 minutes, each episode is a nugget of information and the viewer is sure to take away something new. Very few shows manage to be entertaining and educative at the same time, Dear White People manages to do just that. It is funny, provocative and the need of the hour in the 21st century.

Season 3 takes us to a different setting – Sam has quit the radio show, and all her friends are battling some kind of difficulty or the other. This season also does away with the previous structure of zeroing in on a single character every episode. With multiple storylines running at the same time, the show had a risk of losing its character, but it doesn’t. It indeed is a feat to hold its ground and the strong characters have a lot to do with that, some of whom have only been introduced in this season. There is also mention of ‘The Order’ and murdering the narrator which refers to a fundamental change in the storytelling – both of the show and in the show.

"People change. If everyone stayed exactly the same, life would be tedious and predictable like the third season of a Netflix show," says a character in the show. Like internet legend goes, this may be true for other Netflix shows but Dear White People isn’t one of them.

Our verdict: Binge-worthy

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