Binge Or Cringe? El Camino Review: A Fitting End To The Greatest Show

The hype surrounding Netflix’s El Camino was anything but ordinary. A spin-off film as a sequel to one of the greatest shows of all time, it had a lot to live up to. Here’s our review of the film.

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Binge Or Cringe? El Camino Review: A Fitting End To The Greatest Show
When the season finale of popular TV show Breaking Bad premiered six years ago, viewers had many unanswered questions. The primary question being, what happens to Jesse Pinkman? You see, for a show that was centred around one primary character, Walter White played by Jesse Pinkman, surprisingly a lot of fans had fallen in love with his sidekick and best friend, Jesse Pinkman. 

There was not a lot to love about Jesse. He was irresponsible, child-like and swore too much, but there was something endearing about him. What Netflix’s El Camino does right is does justice to Jesse. We meet Jesse when we left him, he has now survived a great deal of atrocity and is now back to civilization.

So, how does the film fare? Well, for starters, the film is targeted toward die hard Breaking Bad fans so there is some degree of fan service involved. We meet old characters like Skinny Pete, Badger and others and we get to know them a little better. The film is interspersed with flashbacks and snippets from Jesse’s life. 

The writing and story by the master himself Vince Gillighan is as masterful as you’d expect it to be. This man knows his audience and knows them well. He doesn’t let the momentum drop even a little. But the star of El Camino? Yes, that’s Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman. Playing an emotionally broken man with severe PTSD, Paul’s acting skills are on great display here. You rise with him, you fall, you fall even harder and then you rise again. 

El Camino is not just the worth the watch, but was also worth the wait. Our favourite TV show now has the end that it deserves. It feels more like an additional episode to the show rather than an independent film of its own. But regardless of format, watch it right away. 

Our verdict: Binge-worthy.

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