Binge Or Cringe: Is ImMature ‘Mature’ Enough To Keep You Glued?

So, is this high-school drama, streaming on MX Originals, worth your binge time? Let’s find out

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Binge Or Cringe: Is ImMature ‘Mature’ Enough To Keep You Glued?
Many say that school days are the best days of anyone’s life and when any content creator runs out of ideas, they fall back on this topic. The makers of Tripling have come up with a not-so-fresh idea, titled ImMature.

It’s a high-school drama, where students are exploring and trying out things for the first time- like convincing their parents about buying a bike, first bunk, and first crush and so on.

The story revolves around reliving your school days, a concept which is abused and reused over and over again. This series will take you down memory lane and remind you of your time in school where you had that one Pheku friend, who would always show off about his non-existent girlfriend, another friend who would pretend to be rich, the arguments and fights during recess. The series has plenty of abuses which are not really required.

The show seems blahworthy right from the first episode because there's so much of similar content available elsewhere nowadays that these 'sketch' style web series just don't work. It doesn't have the kind of characterisation, casting or the dialogue writing as "Yeh Meri Life Hai" barring "iss desh mein sabko Arya Bhatt banna hai - Alia Bhatt kisiko nahin banna! 

All the four characters of the web series- Rashmi Agdekar as Chaavi, Omkar Kulkarni as Dhruv, Chinmay Chandranshuh as Kabir and Visshesh Tiwari as Susu are very average. Though they will make you laugh occasionally with their gags but it has no wow moments. Perhaps the performance would have been better if they had a better written script. The only character that deserves a special mention is Chhavi played by Rashmi Agdekar.

Our take on this show is that the episodes are long and very predictable and although there are some smart quips in the script, they are not enough to make it a memorable show! This one's crying out loud to be rated Cringeworthy!

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