Binge Or Cringe: Is TVF’s New Offering Kota Factory Worth Your Time?

TVF's Kota factory reflects the life of an engineering student. The show portrays the social environment of the IIT culture and you should read our review to know if it’s worth your time

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Binge Or Cringe: Is TVF’s New Offering Kota Factory Worth Your Time?
TVF’s new web-series Kota Factory highlights the modern-day issues faced by students preparing for their IIT-JEE entrance exam. It is a slice of life comedy-drama. The show Kota factory gives an insight into the lives of IIT-JEE aspirants. The story revolves around Vaibhav who is a 16-year-old student. He moves to Kota and his main motive is to clear JEE and getting into an IIT institute. He has been a school topper and is quite an inspiration to students who try to become academically strong like him and that in return, motivates him to do well.

Kota factory beautifully portrays the life of an engineering student. The makers have kept the tone of the show as black and white, as it reflects the social environment and the lifelessness of the scary IIT culture. This show is almost similar to Amazon Prime’s Laakhon Mein Ek, but the premise here is quite different.


If we talk about casting, TVF never goes wrong. We have seen their last series as well and their casting is always on point and this time too, they don’t disappoint on that front. Vaibhav’s role is essayed by Mayur More and he makes you feel for him. His performance brings a certain amount of authenticity to the character. Even, the other characters have done a decent job. However, it is Jitendra Kumar aka ‘Jeetu Sir’ who walks away with the trophy for his fabulous role of a popular teacher in the IIT circuit.

Overall, KOTA Factory is quite entertaining and TVF has managed to find novelty in a subject which is done to death. Scripting, story, cinematography and performances are very good and thus, we highly recommend that you watch it. And especially, if you are an engineering student, you can easily understand what these students go through, not in a bad way, sometimes it can be positive too.

Our verdict is Bingeworthy!

Image Source:- SpotboyE Team, IMDb