Binge Or Cringe? Modern Love Review: It Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Prime Video’s Modern Love featuring a stellar cast premiered soon. With eight short stories on our favourite topic in the world, how does the show fare? Here’s our review

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Binge Or Cringe? Modern Love Review: It Will Sweep You Off Your Feet
It’s easy to get an anthology wrong. With a lot of examples to show, an anthology show can seem scattered and unstructured. Amazon Prime Video’s original anthology show, Modern Love had big shoes to fill to begin with. Based on a popular New York Times column of the same name which was later also turned into a podcast, the expectations were sky high. Add to that an impressive cast comprising of actors like Anne Hathaway, Julia Garner, Dev Patel and Andrew Scott and the stakes had never been higher. 

Let us start out by saying that Modern Love hits all the emotional notes just right. Eight unique love stories spanning over eight episodes, each episode of about thirty minute run time. It is not easy to tell a love story with great depth in thirty minutes but the makers of the show have managed to do just that. 

Like the columns they are based on, the uniqueness yet relatable factor of each story is what makes Modern Love so great. The emotions are portrayed as is and nothing is added merely for dramatic effect. Some of the episodes really stand out and stay with you.

 A doorman is secretly in love with a woman who lives in the apartment building he works out. It is a love that is quiet but all-consuming. A woman navigates through her life suffering through bipolar disorder. A middle-aged couple whose marriage has soured find their outlet through talk therapy. 

Love stories can tend to be melodramatic and unreal, Modern Love is none of those things. It is a heart-warming collection of stories, fantastically written and performed which will connect with you on a deep level. There is much to be appreciated about the show and it is safe to say that this is a great portrayal of one of the greatest feelings in the world. 

Do watch it. 

Our verdict: Binge-worthy

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