Binge Or Cringe, Special Ops Review: This Special Operation Paints A Success Story!

Neeraj Pandey's new show Special Ops on Hotstar is definitely special, due to its execution and characterisation. Read our review

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Binge Or Cringe, Special Ops Review: This Special Operation Paints A Success Story!
The names of Neeraj Pandey and KK Menon are enough to intrigue the audience and more so, the trailer of Special Ops was quite interesting. So, the story is about a RAW officer named Himmat Singh who is trying to nab down a mastermind terrorist leader since 19 years.

It so happens that during the investigation of the 2001 Parliament attack, Himmat Singh comes across some proofs that unravel about another man who has a role to play in the attacks.

So, how they go about trying the find the man and stop his next attack is what the series is about.

Speaking of the Beep Meter, well, you will hear abusive words, but not too heavily. Except for a few beeps in between, there’s not much objectionable in the show. So we rate it low on the Beep Meter.

The story is quite interesting and one of the best parts is they have completed the series in a round of 8 episodes instead of dragging it till 10 episodes. Even the names of the episodes are intriguing.

Special Ops

Also, the real names have been used in the story which lends it an even more authentic touch. There’s also the angle of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. A scene between Kasab’s character and KK Menon sticks in your memory. A dialogue in the series which goes “Har agent ke career mein ek point of no return ata hai” and truly the scene between Kasab and KK is the point of no return!

So, we would suggest you to definitely watch this show!

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