Breathe: Into The Shadows Review: Abhishek Bachchan Takes Your Breath Away; Yeah, There Is No Other Way To Put This

Check out the review of Amazon Prime's Breathe: Into The Shadows starring Abhishek Bachchan, Amit Sadh and Nithya Menen. P.S. This one will thrill you to bits!

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Breathe: Into The Shadows Review: Abhishek Bachchan Takes Your Breath Away; Yeah, There Is No Other Way To Put This
Back in 2018, Amazon Prime's Breathe, starring R Madhavan and Amit Sadh, had changed the talk around web shows in India. It opened to phenomenal reviews but the thriller remains one of the best in the genre, so far. Cut to now, a sequel to Breathe titled Breathe: Into The Shadows has made it to the OTT space, this one stars Abhishek Bachchan and Nithya Menen in the lead roles. Well, it's believed, or is rather a trend, that sequels either disappoint or fail to match up with the expectations of the first part. But, hey, this one's a pure exception. Breathe: Into The Shadows not only promises to keep you on the edge of your seats, but it also boasts of some outstanding performances. So, let's get going!

This time, the story moves to the capital city - where's it quite difficult to breathe, quite literally- with Avinash Sabharwal (Abhishek Bachchan) as a psychiatrist, and his wife Abha (Nithya Menen), a chef. Everything goes well until their daughter Siya gets abducted, which also kickstarts the crazy ride of ‘who(and WHY)dunnit'. Amit Sadh makes his comeback as Kabir Sawant and has been transferred to the Delhi Crime Branch in this one. PSA - As soon as I reached to 3:30 minutes of its first episode, I was like, 'Boss, brace yourself because this one's going to be one heck of an adventurous ride!'

Barring very, very few implausible parts - for instance, being able to run a crane in a dump yard and suddenly finding a cleaner's uniform - this show has nailed the screenplay and sucks you into believing pretty much everything it wants you to believe. There's also a very little dash of humour, that too in the first two episodes. One of the most interesting parts of the show is when Kabir Singh arrives at the Delhi CB, leaving senior inspector Zeba envious and insecure. The anger, lust, fear, rivalry and selfishness on her face, all at once, was inevitable.

Oh, and, did we mention there's an Abhishek Bachchan starrer Raavan connection out here?  - The ‘ten vices’, the edifice of the screenplay. Absolutely loved it!

Adding on to the thrills - without any spoiler -  one of my most fave scenes, also the biggest twist, is when there's a face-off between Avinash and Kabir with both looking into each other's eyes and the former saying, "I may know who the killer is..." Sees the tables turning, and how! Interestingly, in the past, Avinash has helped Delhi Crime Branch profile criminals with his expertise as a Psychiatrist.

A special mention to the web show's sound design, something that makes its presence felt straight away. Just optimum! No overacting, no melodrama, it's all and only about the magic of minimalism. Coming to the performances -with Breathe: Into The Shadows - Abhishek Bachchan delivers yet another spectacular act. Essentially, he’s BACK! And is here to shine, on the trending world of OTT platforms as well. With this show, Junior Bachchan will take your breath away - so nuanced, so measured, so powerful! He has managed to hit the BULLSEYE, even before his next THE BIG BULL, which releases later this year. Nitya Menen - is WOW! Such a magnetic face and she effortlessly delivers in a character with various layers...(as she promised me in the interview). Amit Sadh - simply bosses it once again as Kabir Sawant. This guy has so much steel in him! Just that look in his eyes will make YOU want to spill the truth on your hidden secrets while sitting at home. Might be a good idea for Amazon Prime to look at doing a spin-off series, chronicling the life of KABIR SAWANT. Saiyami Kher is a surprise package, but what’s she doing in this husband-wife-daughter-Kabir story?  #NoSpoilers #KeepGuessing

Screenplay, story and dialogue writing, are the three drivers of this smartly directed series that has enough legs and life to keep you hooked for 12 episodes! And the climax? Well, all I’ll say is C-16! Go figure!  

To sum it up, Breathe: Into The Shadows is THAT Bingeworthy show for this upcoming weekend. Would give 4 out of 5 stars!

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