Sacred Games 2 Episode 1 Review: Time Is Ticking And Sartaj Has 13 Days To Save His City

It’s been over a day since we feasted on Netflix India’s Sacred Games Season 2 and we’re doing a little deep-dive into each episode of the season. Let’s get started!

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Sacred Games 2 Episode 1 Review: Time Is Ticking And Sartaj Has 13 Days To Save His City
At the strike of the midnight hour on August 15th, Netflix India put out their magnum opus. Fans all over the world were counting down and the time had come, it was finally here. Episode 1 – Matsya starts off right where Season 1 had ended. We meet our lead characters within the first five minutes. Gaitonde is taken prisoner on a boat, which is far out in the middle of the sea. Meanwhile, Sartaj is inspecting the bunker where Trivedi was found dead. The dice rolls and the game begins again. 

“Sirf Trivedi bachega” rings Gaitonde’s voice in Sartaj’s head. If that were true, how is Trivedi’s corpse right in front of him? 13 days are left till the end of the 25-day deadline and among the clues found in the bunker, one jumps out in particular. They find a recruitment poster for a terror organization, one that is usually handed out before a big attack is supposed to take place. It’s a call-out for war and the first clue that things are very quickly about to get out of hand. 

A Special Investigative Team is set up to look into the impending attack and Sartaj is asked to be a part of it, along with Majid Khan (Aamir Bashir Majid is convinced that the attack is linked to a certain Shahid Khan (Ranvir Shorey) who is responsible for a lot of big attacks in the country). Time is running out and they need to get to the bottom of the impending attack.  Meanwhile, in 1994, Gaitonde is recruited by RAW agent Kusum Devi Yadav (Amruta Shubhash) to carry out operations in Mombasa, Africa. Gaitonde may not be Mumbai’s don anymore but he seems to have found a new lease at life here. 

For the rest of the episode, we meet some of our favourite characters from Season 1 – Bunty, Kanta Bai, Jojo, Jamila, Parulkar. The stage is set beautifully. The locations for the Gaitonde track are spectacular and the Sacred Games are just about beginning. 

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