Sacred Games 2 Episode 3 Review: Sartaj Gets Closer To The Truth While Gaitonde Makes A Film

Episode 3 is a heady mix of entertainment and thrill. Apasmara is a tightly written episode that inches us a little closer to the truth in Netflix’s Sacred Games

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Sacred Games 2 Episode 3 Review: Sartaj Gets Closer To The Truth While Gaitonde Makes A Film

By now, we know the big players and their circumstances. Now, the games are beginning. Sartaj, along with his fellow cop, Majid Khan are trying to trace Shahid Khan’s shipments of weaponry into the country. These consignments have been arriving for months on end without the slightest detection. Who is responsible for this breach of protocol? How high up does this conspiracy run?

Meanwhile, Gaitonde in the 90s is struggling with an existential crisis of sorts. Mumbai was his home ground and no matter how well he does in Africa, he remains discontent. He lives a lavish gangster’s life complete with pots of money, debauchery and sex, but he’s scared of one thing and one thing only – indifference. For a self-involved man like Gaitonde, what matters most is that he is remembered. The severe God complex shows up and in an unexpected turn of events, Gaitonde decides to produce a film based on his own life. He hires a famous director, and makes a film which is trashy at best. This section of the episode is a whole lot of fun and also serves as a satirical take on Bollywood as an industry.

Sartaj is haunted by the ghosts of his past and for a while, it seems like he will come under Guruji’s spell too. His broken marriage has haunted him since Season 1 and now he is also trying to reconcile with the fact that Katekar is dead and Sartaj couldn’t save him.

Will Sartaj succumb to the same evil that he is trying to beat? Will Batya Abelman manage to hypnotize him with the red hallucinogenic that also had Gaitonde addicted

While Gaitonde’s track in this episode is highly enjoyable and includes all the tropes of a masala entertainer, the investigation scenes are what stand out. As Sartaj and Majid inch closer and closer to finding out more about the attack, we can’t help but root for them. As ministers and other cops get involved, it also manages to be a commentary on the Indian justice system and bureaucracy.

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