Kourtney Kardashian Takes You INSIDE Her Kids Playhouse Filled With Toys And Books; It's Perfect To A T - WATCH

We stumbled upon a video of Kourtney Kardashian giving a tour of her kids' playhouse that she built along with her ex-partner Scott Disick. It's beautiful and comfy. Check it out

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Kourtney Kardashian Takes You INSIDE Her Kids Playhouse Filled With Toys And Books; It's Perfect To A T - WATCH
All the Kardashians and Jenners have gorgeous villas and we sort of envy them for that. With such fame and money, kids of K-Clan are bound to live a luxurious life. While we are already aware of the Stormi World that Kylie Jenner built for her baby girl on her birthday, we have stumbled upon a video of Kourtney Kardashian in which she is giving us a tour of her kids' playhouse. Kourtney has built a small playhouse for her three kids Mason, Penelope and Reign on the lawn of her home.

To Architectural Digest, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star gave a tour of the playhouse that she built for her little ones with the help of her ex-partner and father of her children Scott Disick. In the video, she talks about how she has been dreaming of building a small area for her kids to enjoy and that Scott took it in his own hands to create that space as she could not decide. She says, "I have been talking about building a kid’s playhouse since Mason was super young. I’m talking, like, years and years ago where I used to go on blogs, I don’t even remember what blogs they were now, and I just have a folder of all these old photos.” Further adding, "Nine years later, Scott was like, ‘I’m taking this into my own hands and I’m building the kids a playhouse."

Through the video, Kourtney talks about the wood that they chose for the playhouse and the toys they have for their children. The lady mentioned that the playhouse is completely technology-free, meaning there are no ipads, television sets, phones or anything for kids to use. Rather there are books and toys for them to enjoy. She also revealed that she is a big Disney fan and her helpers gifted him Minnie and Micky Mouse. 

Kourtney Kardashian has also put up a craft made by daughter Penelope on the wall of the playhouse. It's sophisticated, it's modern, it's warm and it's perfect. Check it out. (Also Read: Did You Know Ex Kourtney Kardashian Gave Scott Disick An Ultimatum To Go To Rehab After Latter’s GF Sofia Richie Tipped Her Off?)

Image Source: YouTube