Rujata Diwekar Shares 8 Tips To Ease Neck And Back Pain, While Working From Home

Celebrity Nutritionist and Fitness Enthusiast Rujata Diwekar shared tips to ease back and neck pain while working from home. Give a read below

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Rujata Diwekar Shares 8 Tips To Ease Neck And Back Pain, While Working From Home
COVID-19 lockdown has confined us to our homes, to contain the spread of novel coronavirus pandemic, and people are compelled to work from their homes. And some people may think that working from is much better than working in the office. Whereas, work from home comes with many challanges, such as improper work place, family disturbances, internet issues and many more. And most importantly, long sitting hours and no exercise causes more weight gain, which is an indirect invitation to the diseases like diabetes, heart health, and PCOD.

Apart from gaining weight, people also complaining about neck and back pain which is a result of wrong sitting posture. Recently, celebrity nutritionist and fitness enthusiast Rujuta Diwekar shared tips to ease such health issues. She took to her instagram and posted a video in which she is speaking about the correct posture one should maintain and the right chair to use while working from home. 

Take a look below at the tips suggested by celebrity nutritionist Rujata Diwekar to ease the neck and back pain while working from home.

Look for a proper place to sit
Rujata suggested people to sit at the place where you can get a good outdoor view, nature view. As it will help you to change the focal length of your eyes and can also give a little relief from staring at your laptop. 

Get a footrest
To work comfortably, all you need to do is create a footrest by placing your feet at resting position instead of hanging them downwards. You can get a stool or stack a few pillows to rest your feet. 

Sit crossed-leg 
While working from home, you need to keep in mind that, you've to sit crossed leg on the chair while working. You can lift up your spine and get relief in back pain.

Take a break
Working continuously may be very hectic, you need to take a break on a short time span. Therefore, try to take at least 3 minutes break after every 30 minutes of sitting. 

Do some stretches
It is necessary to take break, but it is more necessary to do some stretching exercises in between long working hours. Sit on yiur chair, spread your legs widely and lower yourself slowly. Keep your back flat and stay for about 5 seconds.

Lift yourself up while sitting on the chair
All you need to do is, hold the sides of your chair and try to lift your body upward while sitting on the chair. Stay in the position for 5 seconds. This exercise will help you in maintaining your body's resistance to fight pain. 

Lift your leg up
Another stretching exercise you can do is, lifting your leg up and repeat it 5 times. This will help you in avoiding the neck and back pain.

Sit on the floor while working
Give some change to your working style, try sitting on the floor while working. Fold a blanket three times and take the wall support for your back, and when you feel you dont need wall support, then come forward. Keep changing the position of your leg. 

Image Source: instagram/rujuta.diwekar