‘Choricha Mamla' New Teaser Out: Why Is Jitendra Joshi Scared Of Amruta Khanvilkar?

Check out this new teaser of ‘Choricha Mamla’, the ‘Chor’ Jitendra Joshi scared of Amruta Khanvilkar!

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‘Choricha Mamla' New Teaser Out: Why Is Jitendra Joshi Scared Of Amruta Khanvilkar?
Jitendra Joshi who was famous for his role as ‘Katekar’ from ‘Sacred Games 2’ to date, is now going to play a hilarious role that will make us laugh till we cry as he plays the role of an ethical theif in his upcoming film, ‘Choricha Mamla’. 

The official teaser that released last week showed us Jitendra as a typical middle-class man seeking blessings in a temple before heading for work. Soon we realize he is climbing on pipes to break into houses and rob people. In one such robbery, Jitendra is caught. 

Jitendra now shares a brand new teaser on his Instagram revealing his ordeal after getting caught! The post saw a flood of comments appreciating Jitendra’s acting and Amruta’s hotness. What happens in this teaser has already made us excited about the film. 

The brand new teaser reveals what happens when Jitendra actually gets caught. The house belongs to Amruta Khanvilkar who looks ravishing hot and a seductive goddess. Startled by seeing this theif in the house, Amruta points her gun at the theif. The teaser sends ripples of laughter and excitement with Jitendra’s acting. Moreover, this theif is more concerned about Amruta’s clothes accidentally revealing more than necessary than getting shot at! They certainly don’t make such ethical thieves any more!

Jitendra has made us laugh and cry with him in the innumerable comedy, romantic, action and drama hero roles. 'Welcome Home’, ‘Mauli’ and ‘Ventilator’ were some of the very recent hits given by ‘Jitu Dada’. After showing his anti-hero skills in his last film ‘Baji’ and his supporting talent in the latest Netflix film ‘Betaal’, now Jitendra will be seen as a hilarious common man, who becomes a theif.

image source:-instagram/jitendrajoshi27