‘Choricha Mamla': Sultry Amruta Khanvilkar Seduces Hemant Dhome In The Teaser Of This Upcoming Film

Hemant Dhome finds himself in a jam when sultry Amruta Khanvilkar seduces him in this new teaser of ‘Choricha Mamla'.

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‘Choricha Mamla': Sultry Amruta Khanvilkar Seduces Hemant Dhome In The Teaser Of This Upcoming Film
While social media is wondering ‘Kay ahe ha mamla?’ (What is the matter?) the teasers of ‘Choricha Mamla’ are piquing our excitement! When the posters of this film were released by Jitendra Joshi, we came to know Jitendra, Heman Dhome and Amruta Khanvilkar will be playing leading roles in the film. With the release of character teasers of Jitendra and Amruta, we found out what the story is about, but now that we have the final piece of the puzzle, teaser of Hemant Dhome’s character ‘Amrajeet Patil’, we can imagine this film will be a roller coaster ride of laughter! 

Multi-talented actor-director Hemant Dhome who has rocked 2019 with one after the other hits, has great films lined-up in the following year too! Hemant Dhome who is known in the industry for his blockbuster films like 'Baghtos Kay Mujra Kar', 'Satar Cha Salman', 'Satrangi Re' and ‘Ye Re Ye Re Paisa 2’, is back to entertain the audiences with his acting in Priyadarshan Jadhav’s ‘Choricha Mamla'. 

Amruta Khanvilkar released the teaser revealing Hemant’s fun character, body-builder (or rather body ‘biddler’ as he calls it) leader ‘Amarjeet Patil’. She writes, “आमचे श्रद्धास्थान, बॉडी बिडलींग चे तडपदार नेत्रुत्व, अमरजीतदादा पाटील! पन बेल वाजली की त्यांची बी फाटील... @hemantdhome21 as अमरजीत पाटील ✊👊💪
#पाटील_is_पाटील #ChorichaMamla #चोरीचामामला #31Jan2020 @Chorichamamlafilm”. 

In this fun trailer, you can see sultry Amruta seducing Hemant. Their passionate dialogue is broken by the robber in hiding, Jitendra Joshi! It is still a mystery why is everyone scared when the bell rings! Especially Hemant who owns the house and Amruta who is not the robber!

This movie is about a robber, a robbery, the fun, the laughter, and the chaos it causes. ‘Choricha Mamla’ was an iconic song from a 1987 film ‘Gammat Jammat’. The background score and title are based on this iconic song. This film presents Jitendra as a robber and Amruta as the mistress of Hemant whose house is getting robbed. 

What happens when the robber gets caught? Amruta sparks gunshots? Who is the one ringing the bell? For more on the film and its star-studded cast, follow this space!

image source:-instagram/amrutakhanvilkar